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Mixed martial arts has enjoyed massive worldwide expansion in the last decade.  MMA has grown to the point of being a fringe mainstream sport, perhaps even surpassing boxing in popularity.  The Ultimate Fighting Championship, once labeled “human-cockfighting” by U.S. Senator John McCain, has grown into a billion dollar industry generating millions of pay-per-view buys on a yearly basis.  This growth in popularity and acceptance has inevitably led to a growth in coverage.  Sites like Bloody Elbow and Sherdog are dedicated to covering MMA news and results, while sources like the Wrestling Observer and ESPN have expanded coverage to include in-depth MMA coverage.

While I plan on providing news and results from the current MMA scene, my main focus is one thing: lists.  More specifically, rankings.  Which fights and fighters were the best?  Who are the best in the world right now?  The rankings provided by the UFC can’t be fully trusted, since personal bias interferes with professional success (which explains why Frank Shamrock wasn’t included in the UFC’s list of the 100 best fights.)  That’s not to say that I know better than the MMA’s flagship company, but I won’t let Frank Shamrock calling me a poop-head sway my rankings; he still kicked ass.

I’ve enjoyed mixed martial arts for quite some time, dating back to the infancy of the UFC in America.  I was a huge professional wrestling fan so there was a natural connection for me.  If watching guys beat each other up for show was great, then watching guys beat each other up for real was that much better.  Early UFC shows closely resembled wrestling with morbidly obese fighters, massive weight differences, and anything goes rules.  Fighters like Brock Lesnar, Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, and Dan Severn have all spent time in wrestling, so there truly is quite a bit of overlap.  The difference is that one of these is a legitimate sport and the other is an athletic soap opera.

That said, MMA is the truly the ultimate sport.  Hand-to-hand combat is truly the best way to display physical supremacy, rather than playing with balls or sticks.  If you want to compare the might of two men or women, I’d rather watch them punch each other in the face than try to shoot rubber pucks into a net.  People have always fought, MMA has just provided a modern forum where these fights can take place.

Bottom line, Fight Rankings is going to be a great source for everything MMA.  I’ll try to have daily news stories posted here, as well as frequent entries in any number of best-of series.  I’m going to use this forum as a place to address the past, present, and future of MMA from my point-of-view.

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