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Upcoming Projects and Articles

I’ve been mulling over a number of projects for this site.  There some that I’ve been wanting to work on for quite a while.

The main idea I have basically equates to a three part project.  I’d watch each UFC event starting with UFC 1 and working all the way up to the present and keep three different lists.  The best UFC fights of all time, the best UFC fighters of all time, and the best UFC events of all time.  Those lists would be amended each time I viewed an old UFC event.  I’d work in order right from the beginning, so needless to say, this would be a lengthy project.

Some more regular features including weekly previews detailing events and big fight in the coming week.  As we get closer to fight nights, I’ll be posting somewhat more comprehensive features.  I’ll mostly work with UFC and Strikeforce shows, though I’ll try to get in details on smaller and international shows whenever possible.

I’ll be highlighting fights where top-25 fighters are participating.  I’m not sure if I’ll include that in weekly previews, weekly rankings, or potentially both.  Of course, I’ll also have all of the results for the biggest fight cards.  I’ll have more consistent ideas of where information will go in the coming weeks.

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