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Today in Japanese MMA – January 19, 2011

Today’s MMA news from Japan is brought to you by Sengoku!

“2011 February 6th, in the PANCRASE 2011 IMPRESSIVE TOUR [deihua] daybreak conference, the Tanaka Akira benevolence player of the SRC rearing player decided the professional debutting.”

“The Tanaka player who achieves the 2001~2007 year wrestling emperor cup all the Japanese championship freestyle 120kg class 7 consecutive championship victories, and the student wrestling 6 crown passes to the SRC professional rearing player selection meeting which was done in the June last year. The SRC headquarters school which is opened late from July (Tokyo & Ikebukuro) with the coach of the wrestling was served, MMA with the head coach of the school stacked training with the Takahashi justice raw player and two human tripods of first heavyweight king of [pankurashisuto].  As for the opponent of professional first game, the Fukuda male flat player who with the June last year flat tire lath in the [jieison] “mutant” [shimatsuku] player decorates professional debut with 1 round 1 these victories. [oruraunda] which participates even in the conference of standing skill in the partner, the Tanaka player of the wrestling elite shows some kind of fight in lightheavyweight whether!?  With preeminent potential, in the future shouldering the heavyweight of the Japanese comprehensive case competition boundary, the man who stands, finally appearance to the ring of MMA! Please observe to the brave figure of the Tanaka player who grew as a comprehensive grapple house.”

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