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Today in Japanese MMA – January 27, 2011

Here’s an update on Deep – 52 Impact straight from the pages of Deep online*!

Perusal number of cases 747 Bantamweight class strongest now day open sea departure and draw is DEEP lightheavyweight ace Nakanishi to whom Nakamura challenges well line Takashi Sakurai multi and crash after a long time woman game, Saori Ishioka confronts with first participation and ham [sohi] in forming! * Nakanishi of the DEEP lightheavyweight present ace who is expected Takashi Sakurai multi (R-BOOD) as the VS Nakanishi well line (TeamM.A.D) numbers few large-sized fighter to turn to middleweight, original DEEP middleweight ace Sakurai Takashi multi suddenly crashes. * Now forming Masakazu (Team-ROKEN) VS Nakamura ” Iron ” The Hiroshi loyal retainer (Tokyo [ieromanzu]) with bantamweight class the enemy is not now of state ordeal, Nakamura which was divided into also day open sea departure opposes to forming with non title * Saori Ishioka (zen buddhism road meeting) VS ham [sohi] (CMA KOREA) in main game of DEEP woman game of Hisashi inclination, ace Ishioka of [jiyuerusu], ham [sohi] and confrontation of Korea”

*With the help of Babelfish

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