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Today in Japanese MMA – February 8, 2011

Today’s Japanese MMA update comes to us from World Victory Road, the parent company of Sengoku!

Tanaka Akira benevolence shows the portion of the large vessel, white star debut!

2011 February 6th (day) placing in the 4th tournament lightheavyweight game of the [pankurasu] [deihua] daybreak conference, the Tanaka Akira benevolence player of the SRC rearing player supplied beautiful victory in the professional debut game.

The Tanaka player who has the bright result, student wrestling 6 crown, and the wrestling emperor cup all the Japanese championship freestyle 120kg class 7 consecutive championship victories from the August last year belonged to the SRC headquarters school, stacked training with the Takahashi justice raw player and two human tripods which are first heavyweight king of [pankurashisuto] with the head coach.

It was the Tanaka player who ring in is done in the countenance which becomes tense somewhat, but while stuffing distance well, vis-a-vis the Fukuda male flat player ([hidezukitsuku]) who has established reputation in shock, instantly [teikudaun]. Keeping, it attacked the position above with intense neck lock and destructive power preeminent pound and raised. The back taking even with 2nd round, you aimed for one with the sleeper from punch, cornered to the place of the rear one step but time rise. Regrettably one although you could not take, decorated beautiful debut game with the white star.

With interview after the playing, “this time it was debut, but because by your the varieties and topic you were recognized with the present tournament, becoming stronger up to the following tournament, in order one to take, we would like to persevere,” that the Tanaka player be sure to show regret to commenting, not being able to take one. It probably is because in the future it will become the ace of the Japanese weight class, to get over every obstacle from this, to keep climbing the one step one step stairway. Please expect to the further evolution of the Tanaka Akira benevolence player as a next MMA fighter!

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