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Strikeforce – Fedor vs. Silva Results

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Heavyweight: Antonio Silva d. Fedor Emelianenko (TKO – Round 2, 5:00)

This was a very shocking and disappointing loss for the legend Fedor.  After a close, competitive first round, Silva absolutely dominated Fedor in the second.  Silva used his size to maintain top position for the bulk of the round.  Fedor looked to be in trouble at numerous points and had his right eye battered, which ultimately ended the fight.

I’m very disappointed that this fight had to end by doctor’s stoppage, but that’s not because it was a bad decision.  Fedor’s eye was swelled shut and there was no way he could safely continue.  As much as I would have loved to see Fedor come back and win in the third round, it would have been very irresponsible and potentially hazardous to Fedor’s health.

From here, “Big Foot” will move to the semifinals of the Grand Prix and will fight either Fabricio Werdum or Alistair Overeem.  Fedor hinted that this might very well be his last fight, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fight once more.  If Werdum loses to Overeem, then the rematch with Fedor might be next.  It’s possible that this is the last we’ll see of Fedor, but I’m hopeful that he has another couple of fights left in him.

Heavyweight: Sergei Kharitonov d. Andrei Arlovski (KO – Round 1, 2:49)

Andrei Arlovski, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have any fight left in him.  He suffered a brutal knockout loss to Sergei Kharitonov in another upset.  Arlovski just didn’t look all there and Kharitonov took advantage of that.  His strikes weren’t superb, but he did enough damage to floor Arlovski and then knock him out once he hit the mat.

Arlovski looked aggressive for about the first 10-20 seconds of the fight and then took punishment for pretty much the rest of the fight.  Arlovski is so skilled, but he doesn’t seem to have the heart to fight.  There’s no way a fighter of his caliber should be taking losses like this, especially in winnable fights.

Kharitonov will fight either Josh Barnett or Brett Rogers next in the semifinals of the Grand Prix, while I have no idea where Arlovski goes from here.  I feel like the chances are better that Arlovski will never fight again than Fedor retiring.  Arlovski just isn’t 100% in some capacity and he doesn’t appear to be capable of fixing these issues.

Heavyweight: Shane del Rosario d. Lavar Johnson (Submission – Round 1, 4:31)

While both of these fighters have bright futures in MMA, this fight showed that both men have a long way to go.  Johnson’s ground work was very sloppy, as he easily lost advantageous positions and couldn’t defend del Rosario.  Both men were throwing big, sloppy punches and del Rosario’s takedowns left a lot to be desired.  It’s a good win for del Rosario, who will be the first reserve in the Grand Prix, but both men still have some work to do.

Heavyweight: Valentijn Overeem d. Ray Sefo (Submission – Round 1, 1:37)

This fight went about as I expected with a submission victory for Overeem, though the neck crank was a bit of a stunner.  Overeem and Sefo traded a bit and it looked like Sefo was gunning for a knockout.  All it took was a weak takedown attempt and a neck crank from Overeem to end the fight.

Heavyweight: Chad Griggs d. Gian Villante (TKO – Round 1, 2:49)

I’m very surprised in how this fight turned out, as “The Grave Digger” was able to score an ugly TKO win.  Griggs dictated the pace of the fight, which basically consisted of throwing sloppy strikes at a semi-frenetic pace.  Villante decided to try and match Griggs, which proved to be a mistake.

Though not a technical masterpiece, this was still a very fun fight.  Another surprising win for Chad Griggs makes him an interesting name in Strikeforce’s heavyweight division, though it’s unlikely he’ll be called upon as a reserve in this Grand Prix.

Catchweight (156 lbs.): John Cholish d. Marc Stevens (Submission – Round 2, 3:57)

Cholish pushed the action and was fairly dominant in this submission victory.  Cholish enjoyed a number of advantageous positions and pulled off a slick knee bar in the second round.

Welterweight: Igor Gracie d. John Salgado (Submission – Round 2, 3:04)

Gracie controlled pretty much all of this fight and was able to submit Salgado in the second round.  Gracie’s grappling was good and I’m sure we’ll see him again in Strikeforce.

Welterweight: Sam Oropeza d. Don Carlo-Clauss (Submission – Round 1, 4:10)

Featherweight: Anthony Leone d. Josh LaBerge (TKO – Round 1, 5:00)

Featherweight: Kevin Roddy d. Jason McLean (Split Decision)

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