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UFC 127 Results

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Welterweight: B.J. Penn draws Jon Fitch

It looked like Jon Fitch was about to pull off the victory against B.J. Penn, controlling most of the fight and dominating the third round.  Penn apparently did enough to keep the fight close early, leading to a majority draw.  I would say that Fitch got the best of the fight, something that Penn admitted after the fight.

If Georges St-Pierre is victorious over Jake Shields and moves up to middleweight, then this draw seems like a good option.  Penn and Fitch could rematch for the potentially vacant Welterweight Title, this time getting five rounds to settle things.  I’m not sure if B.J. will be up to that, but it seems like the best option for the UFC at this point.

Middleweight: Michael Bisping d. Jorge Rivera (TKO – Round 2, 1:54)

Michael Bisping won this fight, in part, because he is a cheater.  Bisping flagrantly kneed his downed opponent, likely concussing Jorge Rivera.  The fight continued after a point deduction, but Rivera was clearly not himself.  He appeared to be very out of it and in no condition to fight, leading to Bisping scoring the TKO victory with a series of punches.

Bisping continued to show what a class act he is by spitting toward Rivera’s corner and continuing to talk Rivera down after the fight.  Michael Bisping might have won the fight, but he comes away from this event looking like a complete loser.  Bisping had little to gain with a win, and it doesn’t help that he won through some illegitimate means.  I’m hopeful that Bisping will see a step up in competition, if only so that I can see him get destroyed by a real middleweight fighter.

Lightweight: Dennis Siver d. George Sotiropoulos (Unanimous Decision)

Dennis Siver’s striking and takedown defense were enough to stop George Sotiropoulos.  Siver effectively stuffed most of Sotiropoulos’ takedowns and showed some great kickboxing en route to a unanimous decision victory.  This is probably the biggest win of Siver’s career, but it’s tempered given the depth at lightweight.  Sotiropoulos really needed a win to stay steady with the lightweight division, but will have to get back on track with his next fight.

Welterweight: Brian Ebersole d. Chris Lytle (Unanimous Decision)

In a very surprising performance, Brian Ebersole was able to keep Chris Lytle on his toes with some very interesting striking and grappling to score a unanimous decision victory.  Lytle didn’t look very comfortable in this fight and this decision loss is a really bad sign for the UFC veteran.  It might be good to keep Brian Ebersole around to see what he could do, as a win over Chris Lytle is no small feat.

Middleweight: Kyle Noke d. Chris Camozzi (Submission – Round 1, 1:35)

Noke looked extremely impressive in a quick submission victory over Camozzi.  Noke landed a quick takedown and submitted Camozzi easily after taking his back.  A step up in competition is in order for Noke, who has been very good in the UFC thus far.

Lightweight: Ross Pearson d. Spencer Fisher (Unanimous Decision)

This was a fairly competitive fight, but Pearson seemed to get the better of Fisher for the majority.  Pearson’s striking was extremely effective and occasional takedown attempts were enough to keep Fisher off balance.  This is a big win for Pearson, especially after the Cole Miller loss.  Meanwhile, this is just another question mark for the veteran Fisher.

Light Heavyweight: Alexander Gustafsson d. James Te-Huna (Submission – Round 1, 4:27)

After an early takedown from James Te-Huna, Gustafsson was able to recover and submit the Australian.  Once Gustafsson landed a takedown, he never ceded position and eventually took Te-Huna’s back for the choke.  Gustafsson is continuing his rise in the light heavyweight division and should see a step up in competition.  Ryan Bader is an opponent who wouldn’t surprise me.

Middleweight: Nick Ring d. Riki Fukuda (Unanimous Decision)

Nick Ring benefited from some awful judging and took a unanimous decision victory over Riki Fukuda.  Honestly, Ring didn’t look impressive at any point of this fight.  He didn’t do anything worthy of taking a decision, while Fukuda clearly controlled the second and third rounds.  Fukuda’s grappling was particularly impressive in the third, the only really decisive offense from this fight.  Ring must have been very tired, as he didn’t seem interested in pushing the action and trying for the win.  Somehow, he still managed a bogus decision win.

Light Heavyweight: Anthony Perosh d. Tom Blackledge (10-6)

Anthony Perosh looked very good in this fight, using some impressive ground work to pull off a submission victory.  Perosh looked very comfortable once the fight hit the mat and held various dominant positions.  Blackledge was unable to buck Perosh before being choked out.  I’ll be anxious to see how Perosh does against a more skilled fighter.

Featherweight: Tie Quan Zhang d. Jason Reinhardt (Submission – Round 1, 0:48)

As expected, Jason Reinhardt looked completely outclassed in this fight.  Zhang got the best of the limited striking exchanges early, and then quickly sank in the guillotine for the win.  Zhang said the cut to 145 lbs. was tough, but he appeared very comfortable once the fight got under way.  Meanwhile, I hope this is the last we ever see of Reinhardt in the UFC.  At least he’ll always have the honor of having the most padded record in MMA history.

Heavyweight: Mark Hunt d. Chris Tuchscherer (KO – Round 2, 1:41)

Well, I’m a bit surprised by this fight.  Mark Hunt showed superior striking in the opening round and then leveled Tuchscherer with devastating knockout punches in the second.  This might buy Hunt a little more time in the UFC, while Tuchscherer’s loss to a 5-7 fighter might spell the end to his stay in the UFC.

Lightweight: Curt Warburton d. Maciej Jewtuszko (Unanimous Decision)

Warburton was able to control the vast majority of this fight, using the clinch and frequent takedown attempts to neutralize Jewtuszko’s striking.  Jewtuszko will be lucky to get another shot in the UFC, especially given the glut of lightweight competition.

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