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UFC Live – Sanchez vs. Kampmann Results

Welterweight: Diego Sanchez d. Martin Kampmann (Unanimous Decision)

I absolutely disagree with this decision and I’m surprised all three judges could score this fight for Sanchez.  The only clear round was won by Kampmann while the second and third were up for debate.  I agree with Kampmann that he won all three rounds.  Sanchez was perhaps more aggressive with his strikes, but Kampmann was far more accurate and did a ton more damage.  Let’s not forget about Kampmann stuffing all but one of Sanchez’s takedown attempts.

Judging in MMA seems to have been reduced to whoever can swing their arms the most or hug their opponent for the longest will win a fight.  Judges lack the ability to evaluate control during a fight.  Martin Kampmann determined where this fight would be taking place, even if that meant enduring some of Sanchez’s flurries.  Diego Sanchez clearly couldn’t execute his gameplan, but showed incredible heart and determination.  He is as tough a fighter as there is, but he didn’t win that fight.

I don’t know what this means for either fighter, but I don’t like the idea of Diego Sanchez getting close to the title picture.  Sanchez’s skills will never match his popularity, as his time on the Ultimate Fighter blinds fans to the fact that he’s a good, not great fighter.  Also, he looked doughy as hell last night.  Sanchez and Kampmann will likely come away from this fight with higher caliber opponents.  Sanchez vs. Carlos Condit and Kampmann vs. Josh Koscheck might make sense.

Middleweight: Mark Munoz d. C.B. Dollaway (TKO – Round 1, 0:54)

We didn’t see a whole lot of either fighter, as Munoz quickly ended this fight with some brutal punches.  Dollaway was unhappy with the decision, but that’s just because Munoz strikes were hard enough to erase Dollaway’s memory.  C.B. was definitely out after he hit the mat, you could see it in his empty gaze.

It will be interesting to see where Munoz goes from here.  Every now and again, he’ll be tested by a superior fighter and proceed to lose, so maybe it’s time for that?  Maybe Munoz would be a decent opponent for Chael Sonnen’s return?

Middleweight: Chris Weidman d. Alessio Sakara (Unanimous Decision)

After a bit of a shaky start, Chris Weidman recovered nicely and earned a unanimous decision victory.  Weidman’s wrestling was outstanding in the second and third rounds.  Weidman was very active, working to advance position, and doing a good amount of damage to Sakara.  I thought the referee was way too aggressive with restarts, but it didn’t make a difference.

With a win over a veteran like Sakara, Weidman seems to have a pretty bright future in the UFC.  He’ll have trouble with better strikers, but Weidman has time to work on all aspects of his game.  He’s still very young and will have plenty of opportunities.

Bantamweight: Brian Bowles d. Damacio Page (Submission – Round 1, 3:30)

In a very creepy example of symmetry, Brian Bowles beat Damacio Page in identical fashion to their 2008 fight.  In both fights, Bowles won by guillotine choke at 3:30 in the first round.

And this fight was a lot of fun while it lasted.  Bowles and Page were letting it all hang out and was a great way to start the fights on Versus.  Both fighters looked ready to go, but it was Bowles who was able to pull off the submission win.

Light Heavyweight: Cyrille Diabate d. Steve Cantwell (Unanimous Decision)

Steve Cantwell should not be in the UFC.  You could pay anybody to stand in the middle of the cage and get battered, but that shouldn’t happen in the UFC.  Diabate completely picked Cantwell apart and was never challenged.  Diabate seemed to take it easy for most of the third round, and why not?  Cantwell seemed incapable of putting up any kind of opposition.

Lightweight: Danny Castillo d. Joe Stevenson (Unanimous Decision)

Castillo looked pretty good in this fight, though he seemed to gas a bit toward the end.  He was extremely active and Stevenson couldn’t keep up.  Stevenson’s submission attempts were easily thwarted.  Castillo had little trouble reversing or escaping when Stevenson claimed a dominant position.

Lightweight: Shane Roller d. Thiago Tavares (KO – Round 2, 1:28)

Bantamweight: Takeya Mizugaki d. Reuben Duran (Split Decision)

Middleweight: Dongi Yang d. Rob Kimmons (TKO – Round 2, 4:47)

Middleweight: Rousimar Palhares d. Dave Branch (Submission – Round 2, 1:44)

Light Heavyweight: Igor Pokrajac d. Todd Brown (TKO – Round 1, 5:00)

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