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Bellator 38 Results

Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals: Tim Carpenter d. Daniel Gracie (Split Decision)

It’s pretty amazing that a Gracie was unable to finish or even win this ground war.  This was a good decision, as Carpenter held more dominant positions and made more attempts to finish the fight.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals: Christian M’Pumbu d. Chris Davis (TKO – Round 3, 3:34)

Chris Davis looked good early in the fight, but was completely spent by the end of the second round.  M’Pumbu took advantage of his tired opponent and score the TKO victory in the third.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals: D.J. Linderman d. Raphael Davis (TKO – Round 3, 3:40)

I was stunned by this outcome, but D.J. Linderman outworked Raphael Davis and completely earned this win.  Davis looked pretty good in the first, but got extremely tired very quickly.  Linderman put on the pressure and finished his exhausted opponent late in the third.  Davis used a low blow in the third as a chance to catch his breath, but Linderman was still the fresher fighter and was relentless with his strikes.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals: Richard Hale d. Nik Fekete (Submission – Round 1, 1:55)

Wow, that was something else.  The inverted triangle pictured above came from Richard Hale, who pulled off this awesome submission against Nik Fekete.  The former wrestling All-American controlled the fight very early, but it didn’t take Hale long to score this great submission victory – but it wasn’t even the best submission from Saturday night!  Check out the upcoming UFC results to see what was probably my favorite submission in MMA history.

Heavyweight: Blagoi Ivanov d. William Penn (TKO – Round 1, 2:48)

Featherweight: Austin Lyons d. Jimmy Van Horn (Submission – Round 1, 2:10)

Catchweight (150 lbs.): Jake Underwood d. Tim Galluzzi (Submission – Round 1, 1:04)

Light Heavyweight: Brian Albin d. Cody Donovan (Unanimous Decision)

Middleweight: Amaechi Oselukwue d. Abe Wilson (Unanimous Decision)

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