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Bellator 42 Results

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Richard Hale d. D.J. Linderman (Split Decision)

This fight wasn’t particularly impressive, but Richard Hale did enough to take the split decision victory.  Rounds 1 and 2 were very close, while the third was clearly won by Hale.  D.J. Linderman got tagged a couple of times by Hale, which likely swayed the judges toward Hale in the more questionable rounds.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Christian M’Pumbu d. Tim Carpenter (TKO – Round 1, 2:08)

Christian M’Pumbu tagged Tim Carpenter with some big punches, leading to the referee stopping the fight.  The stoppage could have been a little early, but Carpenter was clearly in trouble.  I don’t see M’Pumbu having much trouble with Richard Hale in the finals of this tournament.

Featherweight: Ronnie Mann d. Josh Arocho (Unanimous Decision)

Josh Arocho took a serious beating from Ronnie Mann, who won a clear unanimous decision victory.  One of the judges even scored the bout 30-25 in favor of Mann, who controlled Arocho on the mat with some strong ground and pound.  Arocho never had a shot in this one.

Bantamweight: Luiz Alberto Nogueira d. Jerod Spoon (Unanimous Decision)

Luiz Alberto Nogueira was much crisper with his striking and was clearly the better fight against Jerod Spoon.  If this fight was maybe 30-60 seconds longer, it’s possible that Spoon would have scored the win – he tagged Nogueira very late.  Still, Nogueira looked good against a very game opponent.

Bantamweight: Shane Howell d. Mark Oshiro (Submission – Round 1, 4:15)

Catchweight (190 lbs.): Jared Hess d. Chris Bell (Submission – Round 1, 1:40)

Featherweight: Brandon Shelton d. Owen Evinger (Submission – Round 1, 2:35)

Heavyweight: Mark Holata d. Tracy Willis (Submission – Round 1, 0:49)

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