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May 2011 Fighter Rankings

A new month has begun and that means it’s time for updated fighter rankings.  As always, last month’s rankings have been archived while this month’s rankings includes key fights for each weight class.  Listed below are the changes from the previous month.


  • No change

Light Heavyweight

  • Due to his announced retirement, Randy Couture has been removed from the rankings.  Brazilian Marcos Rogerio de Lima has moved into the top 25.
  • Vladimir Matyushenko took the 20th spot with his win over Jason Brilz, while Brilz moved down to 23.


  • No change


  • Based on the strength (or weakness) of his performance last night, I’ve dropped Jake Shields down to sixth.  I feel like he wouldn’t stand a chance against any of the top five, while he might be a hair better than Josh Koscheck.


  • No change


  • Busy month at Featherweight: Patricio Freire and Robert Peralta enter the rankings with big wins.  Joe Soto and George Roop were dropped out of the rankings because of Freire and Peralta’s promotion.
  • Wilson Reis, who lost to Freire, moves down to 22.  Hiroyuki Takaya is down to 17th after his loss to Robert Peralta.
  • I swapped Mark Hominick and Joe Warren, moving Hominick to seventh and Warren to eighth.  Warren struggled and took a bogus decision against an unranked fighter, while Hominick fought courageously against the world’s top featherweight.  It wasn’t hard to make this decision.


  • Charlie Valencia is out of the rankings after his loss to Ivan Menjivar.  Menjivar’s win was big, but not enough to move him into the top 25.
  • Shuicihiro Katasamura is also out after a loss to Koetsu Okazaki and I was very close to moving Okazaki into the top 25.


  • Ryota Uozomi drops out of the top 25 due to inactivity, making room for Kevin Belingon to return to the rankings.

Women’s Middleweight

  • After a lackluster performance against Ashley Sanchez (at 160 lbs., no less), Erin Toughill is out of the rankings, leaving room for Julia Budd to return.
  • Shiela Gaff is out of the women’s 145 lbs. rankings after dropping down to 125 lbs., but Elaina Maxwell moved up to Women’s Middleweight from Women’s Welterweight during the month.

Women’s Welterweight

  • Elaina Maxwell moving to 145 lbs. made room for Vanessa Porto to enter the top 15.  After a long period of inactivity, Porto has won two fights since December and is quickly climbing in the ranks.

Women’s Lightweight

  • Aisling Daly lost to Sheila Gaff, who made her debut at 125 lbs.  Daly dropped to eighth, while Gaff enters the rankings at sixth.  Gaff is much closer to this weight naturally and should be able to make a nice run in the women’s lightweight division.
  • Tomomi Sunaba has been removed from the 125 lbs. rankings and will be classified at 115 lbs., which is where she fights more frequently.  She was, unfortunately, unable to crack the top 15 at women’s featherweight.

Women’s Featherweight

  • No change
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