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UFC 129 Results

Welterweight Title: (c) Georges St-Pierre d. Jake Shields (Unanimous Decision)

Georges St-Pierre fought a very smart fight last night: he kept the fight standing and was understandably cautious, though successful with his limited takedown attempts.  St-Pierre kept Shields at a distance with precise jabs and some powerful overhanded punches.  He avoided Shields on the ground, as Shields’ wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu posed the biggest threat to GSP.

Jake Shields…well, he sucked.  He did nothing.  He came into this fight with a miserable gameplan, seemingly content to stand with GSP despite being at a serious striking disadvantage.  Shields’ takedown attempts looked weak and he look awkward as hell trying to keep up with St-Pierre’s jabbing, though he did land a handful of clean shots that appear to have injured St-Pierre.  Shields even took time to taunt GSP in the later rounds, imploring St-Pierre to be active.  It’s not like Shields could have, you know, tried to do something to win the fight.  In my opinion, Jake Shields should be embarrassed by his performance and should never be allowed near the Welterweight Title again.

From here, I desperately want to see GSP fight Nick Diaz.  That would be a huge money fight and is something I would pay large sums to see.  Ideally, I’d like to see Jake Shields locked away and never allowed to fight again.  Realistically, maybe Jake Ellenberger?  John Hathaway?  Shields doesn’t deserve a top ten opponent after that nonsense, though Josh Koscheck wouldn’t stun me.

Featherweight Title: (c) Jose Aldo d. Mark Hominick (Unanimous Decision)

This was an incredible fight, though I was surprised how tired Aldo seemed to get.  Aldo controlled the opening 3-4 rounds with takedowns and brutal combinations, though Hominick kept pushing forward and landed strikes of his own.  Aldo’s ground and pound ended up creating a massive hematoma on Hominick’s forehead and I was really surprised that the doctor agreed to continue the fight twice: in the middle of the fourth round and prior to the fifth.  Hominick made his way to Aldo’s guard in the fifth, where he looked close to finishing the fight with ground and pound of his own, but Aldo hung in until the final bell.

Jose Aldo looked human last night, but still put on a good show.  Mark Hominick has likely gained legions of fans in loss, fighting tough for 25 minutes despite having his face turned into a anatomic curiosity.  Aldo will likely move on to fight Kenny Florian or Chad Mendes, while I would love to see Hominick fight Manny Gamburyan or Diego Nunes.

Light Heavyweight: Lyoto Machida d. Randy Couture (KO – Round 2, 1:05)

I supposed yesterday that Randy Couture would have better entrance music and that Lyoto Machida would have to do something awesome to win.  Well, “The Natural” delivered by coming out to “Lunatic Fringe”, while Machida held up his end by ending Couture’s vision quest with a kick to the face.  Anderson Silva’s knockout kick over Vitor Belfort seemed to be the knockout of the year, but I think he’s got some serious competition now.

The result was disappointing in what seems to be the last fight of Couture’s career, but Randy has had an amazing career and seems to be going out on his terms, kick in the face or not.  Machida was supremely respectful after a spectacular victory, which makes the loss somewhat easier for fans to swallow.  If the UFC/Strikeforce Superfights begin soon, then I’m signing up for Machida against Gegard Mousasi.

Light Heavyweight: Vladimir Matyushenko d. Jason Brilz (KO – Round 1, 0:20)

I didn’t care much about this fight yesterday, but Vladimir Matushenko changed that in all of 20 seconds.  Matyushenko caught Jason Brilz with a really nice right hand and followed up with some big punches on the ground before the fight was quickly stopped.

Lightweight: Ben Henderson d. Mark Bocek (Unanimous Decision)

Ben Henderson was the far more active fighter, using nice striking and evading Mark Bocek’s (limited) submission attempts to win the unanimous decision.  Henderson did a nice job countering when in precarious positions, while Bocek seemed content to take Henderson down and do little to follow-up.  Henderson earned the win and looked much better than I expected against a dangerous BJJ fighter.

Welterweight: Rory MacDonald d. Nate Diaz (Unanimous Decision)

Nate Diaz was dominated by MacDonald in the opening fight on SpikeTV.  The fight was fairly uneventful until MacDonald landed some really big slams on Diaz in the third round.  MacDonald took two 30-26 scorecards and looked impressive in this fight.

Welterweight: Jake Ellenberger d. Sean Pierson (KO – Round 1, 2:42)

Ellenberger scored a very nice knockout win with some devastating punches.  Taking the fight on short notice, Ellenberger made quick work of Pierson by knocking him unconscious.

Featherweight: Pablo Garza d. Yves Jabouin (Submission – Round 1, 4:31)

Welterweight: Claude Patrick d. Daniel Roberts (Unanimous Decision)

Bantamweight: Ivan Menjivar d. Charlie Valencia (TKO – Round 1, 1:30)

Middleweight: Jason MacDonald d. Ryan Jensen (Submission – Round 1, 1:37)

Lightweight: John Makdessi d. Kyle Watson (KO – Round 3, 1:27)

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