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MMA News – May 2, 2011

  • I’ve made it known that GSP vs. Nick Diaz is the fight I want to see, and now it appears that I’m not the only one.  There are only two opponents who I want to see fight GSP: Anderson Silva, who would require St-Pierre to put on an extra 10-15 pounds and change up his training, or Diaz, Strikeforce’s 170 pound champion.  GSP vs. Diaz would be an absolute blockbuster, money-making fight, and more importantly, the fight itself would likely be tremendous.
  • Speaking of Georges St-Pierre, it looks like the champ is recovering from a nasty eye poke from Jake Shields.  You can see a .gif of the poke here, which looks pretty egregious.  In a night where Jake Shield’s best offense was a poke to the eye, I’m still amazed that he managed two win two rounds against GSP.
  • The rumor is that July 30 might be the date for a potential Fedor/Dan Henderson bout for Strikeforce.  The best part of that article is speculation that the fight could take place at the Sears Centre in suburban Chicago.  Fedor vs. Rogers took place at that same venue, which was an awesome place to watch a fight.  XFO also has a fight in Hoffman Estates on May 13 featuring Jeff Curran and Jamie Varner and for $25, that’s a show worth checking out.
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