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Bellator 45 Results

Featherweight Tournament Finals: Patricio Freire d. Daniel Straus (Unanimous Decision)

After a somewhat close first round, Patricio Freire ran away with this fight in the second and third rounds.  Daniel Straus was never really able to keep Freire on the mat with his takedowns, while Freire had the clear striking edge throughout the fight.

Freire will get his rematch with Joe Warren, and frankly, I worry for Joe Warren.  He looked far from impressive against Marcos Galvao and Freire looked very dangerous in this recent tournament.  With Warren focusing on the upcoming Bantamweight Tournament, the Featherweight Title is there for Freire’s taking.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Finals: Christian M’Pumbu d. Richard Hale (TKO – Round 3, 4:17)

M’Pumbu and Hale split the first two rounds of this fight, but M’Pumbu turned that into a moot point with his third round TKO victory.  M’Pumbu dropped Hale with some big punches and forced the referee to stop the fight with some vicious ground and pound.

M’Pumbu looked quite impressive in this tournament scoring three TKO victories.  I look forward to seeing who Bellator lines up for M’Pumbu at 205 pounds.  M’Pumbu really established himself with his tournament success and I think he really needs a bigger challenge than any of his previous Bellator opponents.

Middleweight: Karl Amoussou d. Sam Alvey (Split Decision)

Sam Alvey took a somewhat questionable split decision victory over the favored Karl Amoussou.  Amoussou looked dominant early on, busting Alvey open pretty badly.  Alvey weathered the storm and hung in there, working to bring the fight to the ground in an effort to control Amoussou.

Amoussou easily took the first round in what could have been a 10-8, while Alvey likely took the third round.  Unfortunately for Amoussou, he wasn’t given a 10-8 round on any scorecard and lost the second round according to two judges.  I’m not sure that I agree with the decision, but it was close enough where I could see Alvey getting the win.

Heavyweight: Shawn Jordan d. John Hill (TKO – Round 1, 1:56)

Welterweight: Luis Santos d. Nicolae Cury (Unanimous Decision)

Lightweight: Rene Nazare d. Kelvin Hackney (Submission – Round 1, 4:44)

Middleweight: Tim Ruberg d. Michael Fleniken (Unanimous Decision)

Catchweight (140 lbs.): Joseph Abercrombie d. Ben Parpart (Submission – Round 1, 1:11)

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