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UFC 130 Results

Light Heavyweight: Quinton Jackson d. Matt Hamill (Unanimous Decision)

That Rampage was able to take a unanimous decision was unsurprising, but I was somewhat surprised by the former Light Heavyweight Champion’s performance.  Rampage looked patient with his striking and thwarted every one of Matt Hamill’s takedown attempts.  Jackson didn’t finish the fight, but Rampage fought smart and Hamill is a tough fighter.  I was pleased to see Rampage take this win, but it would have been nicer had he fought a more game opponent.  Rampage was also dealing with a fracture in his hand, likely impacting his performance.

From here, it looks like Rampage will be the next challenger to Jon Jones depending on the health of both fighters.  It would be an interesting fight, but I’m not seeing anything at this point to make me think Jones wouldn’t win.  I’m hopeful that Rampage could take the title, but that’s a tough proposition at this point.

Heavyweight: Frank Mir d. Roy Nelson (Unanimous Decision)

Frank Mir looked absolutely massive in this fight, weighing in at 260 pounds.  This was probably as physically impressive as Mir has ever looked.  Roy Nelson looked like shit at 260 pounds, gassing halfway through the fight and getting dominated by Frank Mir.  Mir spent 15 minutes in control, using good striking and solid Muay Thai knees to keep Nelson off balance.

Roy absolutely needs to do something about his weight.  At this point, the Ultimate Figher season 10 winner is becoming more of a novelty than anything else.  He’s an awesome fighter, but he’s also an obese fighter who enters the cage to Weird Al’s song “Fat” with a disgusting mullet.  Nelson seems less interested in making waves at heavyweight than he does making a fool of himself.  I love “Big Country”, but his performance last night was pitiful.

Welterweight: Rick Story d. Thiago Alves (Unanimous Decision)

Story was all over Alves, keeping the Brazilian from mounting any significant offense.  Story kept this fight in the clinch, but also got the better of Alves when the fighters did trade punches.  The crowd booed the decision, but I thought that Rick Story was the clear winner of this fight.

Middleweight: Brian Stann d. Jorge Santiago (KO – Round 2, 4:29)

Normally I’m not a fan of “USA” chants from MMA crowds, but if you’re going to do it, then there’s no better time than for a Marine on Memorial Day weekend.  Brian Stann was the clear fan favorite and looked really impressive against the returning Jorge Santiago.  Stann mixed up his strikes and showed awesome power against Santiago, scoring a second round knock out.

Heavyweight: Travis Browne d. Stefan Struve (KO – Round 1, 4:11)

Toward the end of the first round, Browne leveled Struve with a superman punch.  Stefan Struve was out cold, but his lower body didn’t get the message.  Struve fell to the mat like some wonky, Swedish tree torn from the ground by heavy winds.  Browne looked pretty impressive with this knockout, while my thought about Struve getting comfortable at heavyweight was completely incorrect.

Middleweight: Tim Boetsch d. Kendall Grove (Unanimous Decision)

Tim Boetsch looked very impressive in his middleweight debut, controlling Kendall Grove for the duration of this fight.  Boetsch looked very strong at 185 and looked a lot more comfortable at this weight and at 205.  Boetsch has the wrestling and the power to be very successful at middleweight.

Bantamweight: Demetrious Johnson d. Miguel Torres (Unanimous Decision)

Demetrious Johnson got the win on the strength of multiple takedowns, though he didn’t do very much with them.  Torres and Johnson had some nice ground exchanges in this fight, with Torres seemingly getting the best of them.  I was pretty surprised that all three judges scored this for Johnson, but I don’t know that Torres did quite enough to win.

Bantamweight: Renan Barao d. Cole Escovedo (Unanimous Decision)

Barao was clearly the aggressor in this fight, spending a significant amount of time in dominant positions.  Escovedo continued to pull guard and work takedowns, but his lack of success left the judges with a pretty easy decision.

Lightweight: Gleison Tibau d. Rafaello Oliveira (Submission – Round 2, 3:28)

After controlling the first round and bloodying Oliveria, Tibau pulled off a rear naked choke for the victory.

Bantamweight: Michael McDonald d. Chris Cariaso (Split Decision)

McDonald scored the win in this very close fight.  McDonald and Cariaso fought back and forth, with Cariaso coming close to finishing an omoplata in the third round.  McDonald seemed to get the best of the striking and was pretty active on the ground.

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