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Today in Japanese MMA – June 2, 2011

DREAM’s Fight for Japan event was more than just a night of fights – it was also a fundraiser for those impacted by the recent Japanese earthquake and the subsequent fallout from that.  I’ll leave it to the official DREAM website to describe some of the fundraising efforts from the DREAM event.  And for those interested in providing their own contribution to the people of Japan, the World Food Programme seems likes a great place to start.

2011 June 1st

‘DREAM JAPAN GP -2011 bantamweight class Japanese tournament -‘ FIGHT FOR JAPAN [chiyariteiokushiyon] result report

On May 29th occasion FIGHT FOR JAPAN ‘DREAM JAPAN GP which is held in the cartridge super arena -2011 the bantamweight class Japanese tournament -‘. Many fans participated in FIGHT FOR JAPAN [chiyariteiokushiyon] which was done before the opening place.

As for FIGHT FOR JAPAN [chiyariteiokushiyon] which was done ‘DREAM JAPAN GP -2011 the bantamweight class Japanese tournament -‘ as the event outside the place, pine of the shrine of the entertainer, Saeki complex DREAM public information served chairmanship, participated Tatuya Tatuya, Sakurai “Mach” fast person Kawajiri and Mizuno, Kazuyoshi Miyata as a guest. As for being exhibited to auction, “for contributing” the many sign entering goods which the DREAM fighters offer. The sign entering glove which also Mach of the guest uses with practice, Miyata offered Jersey which has been worn at the time of 2000 Sydney Olympics, was bid successfully together with high price. As for first high price being attached with the sign entering glove which is used with 4.9 strike fourth of Kawajiri Tatuya offer, as for successful bid amount as many as 105,000 Yen! The amount which is bid successfully in the latest auction which becomes the large rising was 246,000 Yen in total. Below, directing to the player who offers the fan, and the goods which participate in auction, comment of the Sasahara Keiichi DREAM event producer.

“Successful bid gold 246,000 Yen in the latest auction raises money via all United Nations habitats. Everyone of everyone of the fan which cooperates and the player, thank you”, Keiichi Sasahara DREAM event producer

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