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MMA News – July 18, 2011

  • I’m about to tell you something important and I need you all to promise not to freak out, okay?  DON’T FREAK OUT!!  So it looks like Alistair Overeem might be out of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.  Overeem apparently isn’t happy with a proposed September date and is threatening to pull out of the tournament altogether.  Despite not having competed in an alternate bout, Daniel Cormier is the proposed replacement for Overeem.  How on earth can we expect Chad Griggs to become the top heavyweight in MMA if we don’t give him the spot in the tournament that he rightfully earned!?
  • Due to an injury to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Rich Franklin is off of the UFC 133 card.  If Rashad Evans was still without an opponent, the Franklin vs. Evans fight would have been a very fortunate solution to a big problem.  Unfortunately, now we’re down one big fight on this card.  Knowing I’ll be able to watch Dennis Hallman vs. Brian Ebersole is little consolation to me.
  • We’ve got some more fight announcements, though it seems that Zuffa dropped all of their big bombs last week.  Raphael Assuncao vs. Johnny Eduardo at UFC 134, James Te-Huna vs. Ricardo Romero at UFC 135, and Evangelista Santos vs. Jordan Mein at Strikeforce’s September 10 show.
  • Due to odd timing, I have yet to had a chance to discuss Shootor’s Legacy 3, the Shooto event which happened earlier today in Japan.  In a huge flyweight fight, top ranked 125 pounder Yasuhiro Urushitani knocked out fourth ranked Yuki Shojo.  Kuniyoshi Hironaka and Masakatsu Ueda are amongst the other winners, while it looks like we’ll see more great flyweight action at Shootor’s Legacy 4.  Former top ten fighter Ryuichi Miki, who dropped out of the rankings due to inactivity, will return to fight Haruo Ochi.  We’ll also see flyweights Shinichi Kojima and Masaaki Sugawara square off in a big contest between two little fighters.
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