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MMA on Twitter

I’m going to be trying something new that might provide some additional original content on a day to day basis.  I’ll try to put together some smaller daily lists highlighting the best and worst of various MMA topics.  Something different and possibly fun, or it might be boring and I’ll quickly run out of ideas.  We’ll find out!

Today, I’ll be highlighting my favorite figures in MMA on Twitter.

Felice Herrig (@feliceherrig) – I might as well just end the list here.  Felice Herrig is awesome and she looks damn good.  Her Twitter feed consists of self shot pictures which may or may not show her sitting on the toilet.  She also “borrowed” Shonie Carter’s awesome top hat at Strikeforce’s last show in Chicago.  Aside from the generous visuals, she’s also quite the character.  If you’re on Twitter and not following this girl, then what have you done with your life?

Mauro Ranallo (@mauroranallo) – I’m not the biggest fan of Mauro as an announcer.  He’s a little too frantic for my taste, but he really does know his stuff and seems to tone it down during M-1 events.  Twitter is the perfect outlet for Mauro since there’s no way he can annoy me in 140 characters.  As an MMA and pro wrestling announcer, Mauro has been heavily involved in my favorite real combat sport and fake combat sport and always has interesting things to say.

Dana White (@danawhite) – Come on, of course Dana White is one of my favorites!  Sure, most of the time he’s just shilling for the UFC and replying to nice tweets.  But sometimes, he’s engaging in Twitter wars with guys like Frank Shamrock and bashing fighters like Fedor.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything Dana has to say, but when he’s pissed off there are few more entertaining people than Dana White.  If you’re a person of influence and are reading this right now, I suggest you go out of your way to harass Dana White for my amusement.

Pat Barry (@hypeordie) – This is a bit of an easy one, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Pat Barry on this list.  Types in all caps?  Check.  Is possibly crazy?  Check.  Tweets back and forth with upcoming opponents?  Check.  His exchange yesterday with Stefan Struve was just too funny.  Follow Pat Barry and your life will be better.  It’s that easy.

Kurt Pellegrino (@kurtpellegrino) – Kurt Pellegrino tweets about MTV’s Teen Mom.  For that and that alone, he is included on my list of favorites.

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