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UFC 134 Results

Middleweight Title: (c) Anderson Silva d. Yushin Okami (TKO – Round 2, 2:04)

Anderson Silva made Yushin Okami look like a total bum, and that’s not an easy thing to do against a veteran like Okami.  Silva toyed with Okami, landed huge strikes, and got the win.  It was quite simple.

Anderson Silva is a God.  Seriously, everybody should shut the fuck up about this man losing a step.  That was a thoroughly dominant performance from the greatest middleweight fighter of all time.  This man isn’t going to lose the title until he decides.

Light Heavyweight: Mauricio Rua d. Forrest Griffin (KO – Round 1, 1:53)

So if Anderson Silva made Okami look like a bum, then I guess Forrest Griffin made Shogun Rua look like Anderson Silva?  Wait…what?  I don’t know.  Rua wins, Brazil and the world rejoices (except for casual MMA fans, they poop their pants).

Rua looked really sharp here and he could be in line for a big time fight on Fox, or maybe he’ll fight the loser of Jones/Rampage?  Either way, it was great to see Shogun get back to his winning ways.

Lightweight: Edson Barboza d. Ross Pearson (Split Decision)

This was a pretty fun striking fight with Barboza and Pearson both landing some big punches, kicks, and knees.  It could have gone either way and you can’t argue with a Barboza win from this close fight.

Heavyweight: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira d. Brendan Schaub (KO – Round 1, 3:09)

Did that happen?  Seriously?  Schaub looked to have Nogueira rocked and was landing some clean, heavy punches.  Nogueira did enough to survive and showed that he’s still got a bit of a chin.  He responded by brutally knocking out his opponent, Schaub falling to the mat flat on his face.

Light Heavyweight: Stanislav Nedkov d. Luiz Cane (TKO – Round 1, 4:20)

Nedkov caught Cane with some really heavy punches taking a TKO victory.  The fight should have been stopped much sooner than it was for the sake of Cane’s health as Nedkov was landing some huge shots.

Lightweight: Thiago Tavares d. Spencer Fisher (TKO – Round 2, 2:51)

Tavares was absolutely devastating with his striking and pounded Fisher into oblivion half way through the second round.  Tavares looked really good in this fight.

Middleweight: Rousimar Palhares d. Dan Miller (Unanimous Decision)

Well this was kind of a crazy fight.  First, Palhares thought he had defeated Miller and stopped attacking him toward the end of the third round.  Herb Dean clearly didn’t stop the fight and Miller almost ended the fight with some big punches at the end of that round.

The second round consisted of Palhares doing his best to tenderize Miller’s head and face with ground and pound.  Palhares is apparently some kind of fighting robot, since he swung his arms constantly and didn’t appear to tire out at all.

The bulk of the third round was spent standing and the fighters traded a lot of punches, but neither fighter seemed close to finishing.  In the end, Palhares was justly declared the winner for a very gutsy performance.  This was a really fun fight and it seems like we’ll always get that with Rousimar Palhares.

Welterweight: Paulo Thiago d. David Mitchell (Unanimous Decision)

Paulo Thiago’s striking and grappling were both very good and this crowd was absolutely insane for the Brazilian welterweight.

Featherweight: Raphael Assuncao d. Johnny Eduardo (Unanimous Decision)

It wasn’t a particularly pretty fight, but Assuncao was the clear winner.  His striking was good and he controlled Eduardo on the ground, but was ridiculed by the crowd after the fight for answering questions in English.  He relented and went back to Portuguese, but the damage was done.

Welterweight: Erick Silva d. Luis Ramos (TKO – Round 1, 0:40)

Ramos was dropped quickly by a big right hand and ate a number of unanswered shots on the ground before Herb Dean stopped the fight.  A great showing by Erick Silva.

Featherweight: Yuri Alcantara d. Felipe Arantes (Unanimous Decision)

Alcantara was the better striker and better grappler, and appropriately enough, took a unanimous decision.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Bantamweight: Yves Jabouin d. Ian Loveland (Split Decision)

This fight opened up nicely, but both fighters seemed to tire as the contest went on.  Jabouin was the far better fighter on that feet and took an odd split decision considering Jabouin clearly won two of the rounds.

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  1. Kyle
    August 28, 2011 at 3:51 am

    Great card IMO. well have a nice vacation. I’ll be looking forward to your Pride 3 write up. (you will get a treat with the Sakuraba vs. Newton fight guaranteed). also the return of the legendary Emmanuel Yarborough.

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