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September 2011 rankings, site update

I am currently sitting in the lovely La Bocca restaurant in Tempe, Arizona and am slowly getting drunk. Now is a great time for a site update!

First, it seems that WordPress works nicely with the iPad. This should offer some blogging flexibility in the future, given my iPad ownership and WordPress domain. Go figure!

Next, I should hopefully be able to get updated rankings up tomorrow. My flight arrives in the afternoon and I have much of the evening to work on the blog, but who knows if I’ll be in a mood to do that. We’ll see.

Also, I’ll be working on my PRIDE 3 and 4 write-ups in the near future. Looking at the results, I think PRIDE 3 should be up pretty quickly but that remains to be seen. I’ve been quick to promise deadlines and timelines in the past only to have them blow up in my face. No promises.

Except this promise: I will be giving out free stuff. FREE STUFF. As in free from me to you the reader. Can you believe it?? I’ll be tapping in to my own stash of goodies to offer some free items to my loyal readers. Don’t expect to be overwhelmed by the quality of the goodies, just enjoy the fact that you’ll get them for free. I have some fun ideas, so we’ll have to wait and see how that works out.

Take care, friends…I will be back in the swing before you know it.

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