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Today marks the occasion of my 300th post on Fight Rankings!  I’ve also recently reached another milestone, as my page now has over 20,000 views in its lifetime.  It’s been less than eight months, which also means that I’ve generated way too much content for a single person.  That’s right, everything on this site is posted by me and nobody else, a feat that is sometimes daunting.  Truth be told, I do love writing here and I’ve enjoyed doing this so far and I have every intention of sticking around.

One thing you might be asking is how I end up getting so much traffic.  Actually, because I’ve written so much, my site receives a significant number of search hits.  Every day, dozens and dozens of people are referred to my blog as they look to search engines for answers.  I presume that my site doesn’t end up answering such questions, but it might be some fun to take a look at some of the ways people reach my site.  Here are some of the more notable search terms used by people to get to Fight Rankings.

Okay, so 5% of all people who come to my site are looking for Bob Sapp information.  Bob Sapp.  In the year 2011.  I mean, I’m a little curious what the man is up to, but I also don’t think I’ve written anything of note about the man in 2011.  I remember I briefly noted that he was still owed money for fights, but not much else.

The rest is pretty standard.  Forrest Griffin, Gina Carano, and various permutations of Mirko Cro Cop make sense.  I’m glad that people come to my site when looking for Felice Herrig information, though I wish I had more information to provide other than she is on Twitter and extremely attractive.

And then there’s necrotizing fasciitis, a disease of which I’m most fearful.  I referenced the disease in jest when discussing a hand injury to Dan Severn during one of my UFC write-ups, and now 115 people have inadvertently come to my website when they may or may not be worried about actually having their flesh eaten away.

If you search for Art Jimmerson on the internet and don’t somehow end up on my site, then I’m doing something wrong.

My hatred for Rich Goins is well documented during my UFC write-ups, but I really worry that one of these 22 searches was made by Rich Goins.  Now I’m not a fan of the guy, but I would hate for Rich Goins to randomly Google his own name and find this site since he might kill himself after reading what I have to say.

God forbid you search for Felice Herrig and somehow come up with someone who isn’t the MMA fighter.  Since there are so many Felice Herrigs in the world, it only makes sense for you to add the “MMA” just to make sure.

HIS NAME IS TRA TELLIGMAN.  The MMA fighter who only had one pectoral muscle is Tra Telligman.  He was injured in a childhood car accident and was left without one of his pectoral muscles.  That is him.  Tra Telligman, UFC MMA fighter missing pectoral muscle.  May all searches yield this page going forward.

Every site will have weird searches, but I like these because they were searched for multiple times.  I’m hopeful it’s the same person searching for the same things over and over, as that would reduce the incidence of creepiness in the world.

I almost missed the “gina carano sin ropa” entry, but briefly channeled enough high school Spanish to remember that search is actually fairly amusing.  My site is not a good place to find spider information, as some dying people with spider bites likely found out.  And I can confirm that yes, 15 are indeed fight.

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