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UFC Fight Night – Shields vs. Ellenberger Preview

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God, what a bad night for UFC fights…too much conflict.  Off the top of my head, here’s what we have going on this evening: Ortiz vs. Mayweather, Bellator 50, UFC, Illinois vs. Arizona State football, drinking.  Seriously, I don’t know how I can fit this all in.  Even my recap will be cut short on account of having to make cornbread.  Such is the life of a mixed martial arts blogger.

The fights tonight aren’t too bad, though the Shields vs. Ellenberger main event might be a great way to sedate a far from captivated audience.  It will be great to see Alan Belcher return to action after an eye injury and two Ultimate Fighter winners will be in action in Court McGee and Jonathan Brookins.

I have no clue when these fights are on tonight and I don’t have the energy to look it up.  I’m also hesitant to make picks on account of my Bloody Elbow picks participation on MMA Playground.  Who knows what kind of nefarious deeds could be done if I make my predictions public prior to the fights?  IT’S A CONFLICT OF INTEREST THAT I’M TAKING WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

So right, enjoy whatever it is you watch tonight.  Boxing, MMA, college football, scat pornography – this is a no judgment zone, you can like what you please.  Just…you know, don’t post links.

Welterweight: Jake Shields (26-5-1, No. 5 WW) vs. Jake Ellenberger (24-5, No. 10 WW)

Middleweight: Dongi Yang (10-1) vs. Court McGee (13-1)

Middleweight: Alan Belcher (16-6, No. 10 MW) vs. Jason MacDonald (25-14)

Featherweight: Erik Koch (12-1, No. 21 FEW) vs. Jonathan Brookins (12-3)

Lightweight: Evan Dunham (11-2, No. 16 LW) vs. Shamar Bailey (12-3)

Bantamweight: Ken Stone (9-3) vs. Donny Walker (15-7)

Lightweight: Cody McKenzie (12-1) vs. Vagner Rocha (6-2)

Featherweight: Robert Peralta (14-3, No. 16 FEW) vs. Mike Lullo (8-3)

Welterweight: Matt Riddle (5-2) vs. Lance Benoist (5-0)

Welterweight: Seth Baczynski (13-6) vs. Clay Harvison (7-1)

Welterweight: T.J. Waldburger (13-6) vs. Mike Stumpf (11-2)

Welterweight: Justin Edwards (6-1) vs. Jorge Lopez (11-1)

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