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Key Fights – Week of October 31

October 31, 2011 2 comments

Mwaaaaahahahahaha!!!  Happy Halloween, spooky readers!!  We have a spoooooky week of fights ahead of us including a terribly spoooooky UFC 138 card that would be a lot spoooookier if we actually had to pay for it!  Imagine living in England and having a card this spooooky as your only live event for the year!  The hair raises on my arms just thinking about that!

But that’s not all in this creepy and crawly week of fights!  Shooto has a 115 pound Title Fight and have a couple of interesting flyweight bouts.  Flies fighting in MMA?  Ahhhh, that’s terrifying!  I’ve never seen 125 pounds before, this has the potential to be absolutely horrifying!

I saved the scariest for the last and that’s ProElite’s second event since returning to MMA!  Six heavyweight fights?  Between largely irrelevant fighters?  In Moline, Illinois.  Oh goodness gracious no!!  Somebody call a priest!!  Will these fights be held under strict quarantine so that a rare contagious strain of acromegaly won’t be distributed throughout the audience?

Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, Travis Fulton, and Andreas Kraiotakes are in the main heavyweight fights, while eight low level heavyweight fighters compete in a blood-curdling tournament.  UFC legend Pedro Rizzo was spared from having to fight at this event because…what, do I need to give you more reason than I already have?

Oooooooh, such scaaaary fights ahead of us!  Be sure to read about these fights and more of the ghastly details on the upcoming fights tab!

Shooto the Shoot 2011 (11/5/2011)

  • Strawweight Title: (c) Junji Ikoma (14-12-6) vs. Mimihito Yamagami (6-2)
  • Flyweight: Shinichi Kojima (11-4-5, No. 4 FLW) vs. Kiyotaka Shimizu (10-5-2, No. 6 FLW)
  • Flyweight: Ryuichi Miki (10-5-3, No. 13 FLW) vs. Kentaro Watanabe (6-3)

UFC 138 (11/5/2011)

  • Middleweight: Chris Leben (22-7, No. 12 MW) vs. Mark Munoz (11-2, No. 21 MW)
  • Bantamweight: Brad Pickett (20-5, No. 6 BW) vs. Renan Barao (26-1, 1 NC, No. 25 BW)
  • Welterweight: Thiago Alves (18-8, No. 11 WW) vs. Papy Abedi (8-0)
  • Featherweight: Michihiro Omigawa (12-10-1, No. 12 FEW) vs. Jason Young (8-4)
  • Light Heavyweight: Anthony Perosh (11-6) vs. Cyrille Diabate (17-7-1, No. 18 LHW)
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Ugh, Kendall Grove? Really

October 31, 2011 6 comments

Okay, I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashian’s.  Kim is aesthetically pleasing, but I could take or leave the others.  But this comment from Kendall Grove seems especially mean spirited.  As a soon to be divorced gentleman, I know that it can’t be fun regardless of the circumstances – I’m just glad I’m not famous.

So I stopped and thought, ‘wait a minute – why do I follow Kendall Grove?’  Frankly, I don’t even like Kendall Grove.  He’s not even a relevant fighter anymore so what merit is there to follow such a buffoon?  I’m not a card-carrying member of “Team Dagger”, mostly because I have too many brain cells in place to qualify for membership.

This is all a blessing since it means I no longer have to follow Kendall Grove!  Otherwise, he would have spent who knows how long sitting on the list of people I follow.  Good riddance.

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UFC 137 Results

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Welterweight: Nick Diaz d. B.J. Penn (Unanimous Decision)

After a tight first round, Nick Diaz absolutely picked B.J. Penn apart and battered the Hawaiian like we’ve never seen before.  Diaz put on a show jabbing Penn into oblivion and taking a clear unanimous decision victory.  This was as impressive as Diaz has ever looked.

Diaz promptly called out GSP after the fight and his wish is granted as he will fight the champ at the Super Bowl weekend show.  Condit “stepped aside” from his fight with GSP and will be competing on the same card, though I think he was more accurately pushed aside with little choice.

As for B.J. Penn?  Well, it seems the former champion is intent on retiring after last night. Penn seemed different prior to the fight and was much more emotional than usual.  I have the feeling that we’ll see him return, but if not, this was a very uncharacteristic performance to end a career.

Heavyweight: Cheick Kongo d. Matt Mitrione (Unanimous Decision)

Kongo really exposed Mitrione and proved that he’s not quite ready to make the jump to the top ranks of the heavyweight division.  Kongo imposed his will on “Meathead” and was able to take advantage of his tentative opponent.  Kongo will likely get another middle tier heavyweight from here, while Stipe Miocic might be a good challenge for Mitrione.

Heavyweight: Roy Nelson d. Mirko Filipovic (TKO – Round 3, 1:30)

Cro Cop looked a lot better in this fight than in previous contests, letting his striking go a bit more and scoring with a nice flurry in the second round.  However, he wasn’t able to string consistent offense together and Big Country took advantage by finishing Mirko in the third round.  Nelson looked slimmer than before and used more of his ground game, but again seemed content trading strikes with his opponent.

Cro Cop announced after the loss that it would be his last fight and this announcement definitely had a more real sense of finality to it.  Cro Cop has been on the losing side of most of his UFC contests and the time seems to have come for this legendary fighter.  I’m sad to see Cro Cop go, but I hope he’ll be around in some capacity.

Featherweight: Hatsu Hioki d. George Roop (Split Decision)

I really felt like Roop won this fight as he outstruck Hioki and held his own on the ground.  Hioki did just enough on the ground to take this close decision, though he was far from impressive.  Hioki will have to take a fight with a more challenging opponent to show where he really stands in the UFC’s featherweight division.

Bantamweight: Scott Jorgensen d. Jeff Curran (Unanimous Decision)

I’m…not sure I remember much of this fight.  I think these two ended up putting me to sleep, but from what I remember, the fight was pretty clearly in Jorgensen’s favor.  Curran could never get going and Jorgensen won a fight that a top five bantamweight should win.

Lightweight: Donald Cerrone d. Dennis Siver (Submission – Round 1, 2:22)

I was really surprised how dominating Donald Cerrone looked last night.  He staggered Dennis Siver on multiple occasions and quickly submitted the German in impressive fashion.  Cerrone has been dominant since joining the UFC and is looking for a fight as soon as December.

Catchweight (148 lbs.): Bart Palaszewski d. Tyson Griffin (KO – Round 1, 2:45)

I used to be such a Tyson Griffin fan.  Then he came into this fight fat(ish) and got beaten down by Bart Palaszewski.  This is a big win for Bart who was making his debut at featherweight.  It looks like he can make waves as a dangerous striker at 145 pounds.

Light Heavyweight: Brandon Vera d. Eliot Marshall (Unanimous Decision)

Middleweight: Francis Carmont d. Chris Camozzi (Unanimous Decision)

Middleweight: Clifford Starks d. Dustin Jacoby (Unanimous Decision)

Lightweight: Ramsey Nijem d. Danny Downes (Unanimous Decision)

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Bellator 56 Results

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Welterweight Title: (c) Ben Askren d. Jay Hieron (Split Decision)

This ended up being a really fun, competitive fight that went about as expected.  Askren’s wrestling and grappling were fantastic and his striking seems to have improved, though Hieron was doing better work on the feet.  Askren took a very close split decision that easily could have gone to Hieron, and honestly, probably should have gone to Hieron.  Still, Askren’s win is far from the worst decision I’ve ever seen.

I would normally predict Hieron back in the tournament field and Askren to take on the winner of Saunders vs. Vianna, but who on earth knows what’s going to change with Viacom’s purchase of Bellator?  I’m sure the winners of this season’s tournaments will get their shots, but will the format continue?  Will Bellator adopt a more standard fight format?  Are we going to see a whole new influx of talent into Bellator with their new found resources?

I’m pretty excited to see how things go for Bellator under new ownership just because things could stand to get a lot better from here, especially at the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions.  Now it’s just a matter of the new men in charge making the right decisions.

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Thiago Santos d. Neil Grove (Submission – Round 1, 0:38)

Fast fat boy submission!

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Eric Prindle d. Ron Sparks (KO – Round 1, 0:40)

Fast fat boy knockout!

I put the over under on Santos vs. Prindle at 30 seconds.  Then the winner will get pulverized by Cole Konrad.

Middleweight: Marcio Navarro d. Rudy Bears (Split Decision)

Featherweight: Jeremy Spoon d. Adam Schindler (Unanimous Decision)

Light Heavyweight: Kelvin Tiller d. Dan Spohn (Split Decision)

Lightweight: Emanuel Brooks d. Willian De Souza (Unanimous Decision)

Featherweight: Jacob Akin d. Jeimeson Saudino (Submission – Round 1, 3:26)

Bantamweight: Aaron Ely d. Owen Evinger (Submission – Round 1, 3:45)

Heavyweight: Daniel Gallemore d. Derrick Ruffin (TKO – Round 2, 5:00)

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This week on Bellator

October 29, 2011 3 comments

Bellator and I have different ideas of the sweet submission from this week.  I think I’m more correct, just watch the replay!

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UFC 137 Preview

October 29, 2011 1 comment

First this card looked stacked with GSP vs. Diaz and Penn vs. Carlos Condit.  Then it still looked pretty awesome with GSP vs. Condit and Penn vs. Diaz.  Finally, GSP gets hurt and can’t compete so we’re left with Penn vs. Diaz and a shitty co main event.  Now I like all of these fights, but there’s no way Kongo vs. Mitrione should be a second billed fight under any circumstances.  Things might be different if Condit accepted a fight with Josh Koscheck, but that just wasn’t in the cards.

Still, Penn vs. Diaz is going to be an amazing fight and there’s plenty to like about this card.  Roy Nelson vs. Cro Cop is a fun, if not irrelevant contest, Hatsu Hioki makes his UFC debut against George Roop, Scott Jorgensen gets bumped up to the main card, and we’ll see a really awesome fight between Dennis Siver and Donald Cerrone.

UFC 137 will air live on PPV at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST with two preliminary fights on Spike at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST and Facebook fights beginning at 6:15 EST/5:15 CST.  I would probably order this event just because Penn vs. Diaz is going to be insane.  The other fights all have the potential to be fun, especially with fights at bantamweight and featherweight, not to mention king fat boy Roy Nelson in action.

Welterweight: B.J. Penn (16-7-2, No. 3 WW) vs. Nick Diaz (25-7, 1 NC, No. 4 WW)

Heavyweight: Cheick Kongo (11-6, No. 16 HW) vs. Matt Mitrione (5-0)

Heavyweight: Roy Nelson (15-6, No. 13 HW) vs. Mirko Filipovic (27-9-2, 1 NC)

Featherweight: Hatsu Hioki (24-4-2, No. 2 FEW) vs. George Roop (12-7-1, No. 21 FEW)

Bantamweight: Scott Jorgensen (12-4, No. 4 BW) vs. Jeff Curran (33-13-1)

Lightweight: Dennis Siver (19-7, No. 14 LW) vs. Donald Cerrone (16-3, 1 NC)

Catchweight (148 lbs.): Tyson Griffin (15-5, No. 11 FEW) vs. Bart Palaszewski (35-14)

Light Heavyweight: Brandon Vera (11-5, 1 NC) vs. Eliot Marshall (10-3)

Middleweight: Chris Camozzi (15-4) vs. Francis Carmont (16-7)

Middleweight: Dustin Jacoby (6-0) vs. Clifford Starks (7-0)

Lightweight: Ramsey Nijem (4-2) vs. Danny Downes (8-2)

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Bellator 56 Preview

October 29, 2011 1 comment

Okay, so tonight should probably be a big deal for Bellator.  We’ll see Ben Askren defend his Welterweight Title and the semifinals of the injury riddled heavyweight tournament will take place.  Unfortunately, I’m worried that this is all leading to a big disappointment for Bellator.

Ben Askren puts on fights that are far less than exciting and I’m not sure that Jay Hieron will be able to stop Askren from making this a 25 minute wrestling contest.  The heavyweight talent in Bellator is also quite lacking and we’re likely going to see four fat boys gas out and put on some very sloppy fights.

Bellator 56 airs live on MTV2 at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST with a replay shown at 1:00 AM EST/12:00 AM EST.  I certainly hope I’m wrong with my predictions about this event and Bellator generally delivers some very fun fights, but we’ll have to see what happens tonight.

Welterweight Title: (c) Ben Askren (8-0, No. 10 WW) vs. Jay Hieron (22-4, No. 15 WW)

This is definitely the biggest challenge in Ben Askren’s young career.  A victory here for the champ will answer a lot of questions about his legitimacy as a top welterweight.  Hieron is in the midst of a ten fight winning streak which includes three successful fights in Bellator’s last welterweight tournament.

I think this fight is going to be pretty tight and I see one of two things happening: Askren is dominant with his wrestling and takes a unanimous decision or Hieron catches Askren and wins by TKO.  Frankly, I just think Askren is such a dominant wrestler that he’ll be able to retain his title in this contest.

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Thiago Santos (9-1) vs. Neil Grove (11-4-1)

So this fight was originally going to be Mike Hayes vs. Blagoi Ivanov.  Hayes was replaced by Santos due to injury and then the already eliminated Grove replaced the injured Ivanov.  The result?  A fight I could care less about!  I think we’ll see Grove take the victory here.

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Eric Prindle (8-1) vs. Ron Sparks (8-0)

Oh look, another fight I don’t care about!  I’m going to go out on a limb and say this fight is going to be a miserable fucking train wreck.  I’m sorry if that sounds negative, but honestly, this is going to be a fat boy collision for the ages.  I’ll take Sparks by TKO, but really, what does it matter?

Middleweight: Rudy Bears (13-9) vs. Marcio Navarro (7-7)

Featherweight: Adam Schindler (9-2) vs. Jeremy Spoon (11-0)

Light Heavyweight: Kelvin Tiller (1-1) vs. Dan Spohn (6-0)

Lightweight: Willian De Souza (1-2) vs. Emanuel Brooks (4-0)

Featherweight: Jeimeson Saudino (1-0) vs. Jacob Akin (0-1)

Bantamweight: Aaron Ely (1-0) vs. Owen Evinger (7-1)

Heavyweight: Daniel Gallemore (0-1) vs. Derrick Ruffin (1-3)

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