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Key Fights – Week of October 10

Okay, so we definitely have a big time UFC event this week featuring champions Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo.  We’ll see the semifinals of Bellator’s season five welterweight tournament and MFC will put on a show headlined by Light Heavyweight Champion Ryan Jimmo.

All of these things pale in comparison to one very important thing: Butterbean is fighting this week.  MOTHER FUCKING BUTTERBEAN.  Sure, he weighs nearly 500 pounds and is fighting a professional boxer with no MMA experience.  THAT’S WHAT MAKES THIS SO EXCITING.  Holy shit, Butterbean.  Instinct MMA might also feature Houston Alexander and Patrick Cote, but Butterbean = gate money.

Check out the upcoming fight tabs for more details about these fights and many, many more.  Also, I will be announcing the winner of FREE STUFF!! tomorrow evening, so be sure to comment on my post from Saturday to be eligible for a free personalized UFC mini-poster of your choice!!

MFC 31 (10/7/2011)

  • Light Heavyweight Title: (c) Ryan Jimmo (15-1, No. 20 LHW) vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (12-8)

Reality Fighting – Gonzaga vs. Porter (10/8/2011)

  • Heavyweight Title: Gabriel Gonzaga (11-6, No. 17 HW) vs. Parker Porter (5-2)

UFC 136 (10/8/2011)

  • Lightweight Title: (c) Frankie Edgar (13-1-1, No. 1 LW) vs. Gray Maynard (10-0-1, 1 NC, No. 2 LW)
  • Featherweight Title: (c) Jose Aldo (19-1, No. 1 FEW) vs. Kenny Florian (14-5, No. 3 FEW)
  • Middleweight: Chael Sonnen (25-11-1, No. 2 MW) vs. Brian Stann (11-3, No. 9 MW)
  • Lightweight: Melvin Guillard (28-8-2, 1 NC, No. 9 LW) vs. Joe Lauzon (20-6)
  • Middleweight: Demian Maia (14-3, No. 14 MW) vs. Jorge Santiago (23-9, No. 13 MW)
  • Lightweight: Anthony Pettis (13-2, No. 10 LW) vs. Jeremy Stephens (20-6)
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