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My Least Favorite Ultimate Fighter Cast Members

The Ultimate Fighter is currently in the midst of its 14th season, quite the feat for a reality show where the violence is (almost always) controlled and not spontaneous.  People love fights on normal reality shows, so in that regard, it seems kind of redundant for there to be a reality show about fighting.

I digress.  The Ultimate Fighter, or TUF as it’s commonly known, has produced some of the best fighters in the UFC today: Rashad Evans, Gray Maynard, Kenny Florian, Michael Bisping, Joe Lauzon, and many more.  TUF has also shone a spotlight on some of the most caustic personalities ever seen on television.  Reality stars are douchebags, reality stars who fight are in the royal court of douchebags.  Seriously, some of these guys are flat out unpleasant.

So today, I’m going to highlight some of my least favorite cast members in TUF history.  Note that I’m only considering fighters from their time on the show and not any of their post-TUF fighting careers.  For instance, I despise Michael Bisping now but really had no problem with him during the show.  He was brash and obnoxious, but certainly not to the extent we know him today.  Also, I tuned out for a few seasons and might miss some of the more notable names.

Bobby Southworth – Seriously, fuck this guy.  The guy’s best friend in the TUF house was Josh Koscheck if that’s any indication of the guy’s character.  He and Koscheck fucked with Chris Leben, who isn’t exactly the most sympathetic character but certainly didn’t deserve that kind of shit.  Then he’s about 25 pounds overweight before his first fight and barely makes the 206 pound limit, always great to see.

After he loses to Stephan Bonner and is eliminated from competition, he pouts and tells off Dana White as he comes to talk after the fight.  Then he loses to Sam fucking Hoger, another unpleasant fellow, in his only UFC fight at the first Ultimate Fighter Finale.  Just look at him, don’t you want to smack him in the mouth??

Josh Koscheck – See above.  This smarmy little bitch fared much better in the competition, losing to Diego Sanchez by split decision in the middleweight semifinals, but was nearly as unpleasant as Southworth.

Rashad Evans – My goodness did I dislike Rashad Evans.  This is the guy who hot-dogged during an extremely boring fight, thinking he was some kind of hot shit putting on an awful performance.  Then he starts to talk shit about Matt Hughes during the season, thinking he knows more than the one of the greatest welterweights in MMA history.  I’m still not a huge Rashad fan, though to be fair, Hughes is known to rub a lot of people the wrong way so Evans isn’t alone in that regard.  Still, I think that show did a lot of damage to Evans’ reputation as an individual rather than as a fighter.

James McSweeney – Before I knew anything about James McSweeney, I thought he was actually a decent fighter.  He talked a big talk and seemed to be in decent shape compared to the rest of the season 10 heavyweights.  Then he kept talking and sucked at fighting and I realized this is just the most obnoxious mother fucker on the planet.  I just remember him talking shit with Rampage in the midst of one of the many Rampage/Rashad arguments and thinking that this guy is a total schmuck. His work after the Ultimate Fighter completely solidified this, notably crying about a loss to Travis Browne due to alleged strikes to the back of the head.

Matt Mitrione – I think this is the popular pick from season ten, as he wasn’t really painted in the best light.  He was a bit of a talker and he seemed awful full of himself for such an unproven fighter.  He also did this weird thing where he licked his fingers before deciding to not get into a fight.  He seemed to fake injuries or at least hammed it up quite a bit when vaguely injured.  I’ve taken more of a liking to Mitrione since he’s winning and now that I don’t hear him talk every week, but I couldn’t stand him on this show.

Jamie Yager – Did anybody like this guy?  I contend no.

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  1. kyle
    October 12, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    soooooooo this isnt the ufc brazil write up. just kidding lol. interesting write up.

  2. kyle
    October 12, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    so far this season really not liking Akira Corassani, Josh Ferguson & John Dodson’s rat ass.

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