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What are Sundays for?

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The above comments, completely independent from one another, were captured earlier today on Twitter.  I think I side with John Alessio on this one, since I don’t go to church and do watch football and eat badly on occasion.  Hector Lombard must not be much of a football fan.

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Bellator 54 Results

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Middleweight Tournament Semifinals: Alexander Shlemenko d. Brian Rogers (TKO – Round 2, 2:30)

This ended up being a really fun fight.  After an extremely tight first round, Shlemenko unloaded on Rogers with some crazy offense.  Spinning backfist, punches and kicks, and knees ended up sealing the fate of Brian Rogers.  I don’t know if anyone doubts that Shlemenko is the second best middleweight in Bellator, so him potentially winning this tournament will come as no surprise to anybody.

Middleweight Tournament Semifinals: Vitor Vianna d. Bryan Baker (TKO – Round 1, 0:54)

Vianna caught Baker early with some big punches and landed a number of unanswered shots with Baker pinned up against the cage.  The outcome was extremely surprising and Vianna will now challenge Alexander Shlemenko for a shot at Hector Lombard’s Middleweight Title.  Vianna has put together a pretty impressive resume and adding a ranked fighter like “Storm” in the finals would be a real coup.

Bantamweight: Zach Makovsky d. Ryan Roberts (Submission – Round 1, 4:48)

Makovsky dispatch Roberts with a nice north/south choke in the closing moments of the first round.  As far as I’m concerned, a fight with Alexis Vila can’t come soon enough.  Makovsky is awesome and as I noted yesterday, it’s a shame that he’s relegated to these fights against less than contenders.  Whoever wins the bantamweight tournament should give Makovsky a challenge, while Vila and Marcos Galvao seem to be the likeliest opponents.

Lightweight: Jacob Kirwan d. Rene Nazare (Unanimous Decision)

Nazare bloodied Kirwan in the opening round, but Kirwan did a nice job of holding Nazare down to earn the win.  It was a far from impressive performance, but a win is a win for Kirwan.

Middleweight: Duane Bastress d. Daniel Gracie (TKO – Round 2, 5:00)

Light Heavyweight: Tim Carpenter d. Ryan Contaldi (TKO – Round 1, 2:06)

Middleweight: Joey Kirwan d. Lewis Rumsey (Submission – Round 1, 1:40)

Women’s Middleweight: Andria Caplan d. Adrienne Seiber (Unanimous Decision)

Bantamweight: Claudio Ledesma d. Brian Kelleher (Unanimous Decision)

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Some Thoughts

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So I’ve been thinking of things I want to add to this blog and I realize that some content is better than none.  I may not have time every day to pump out event recaps and full articles, but I still want to be able to provide updates on a regular basis.  So expect a number of small updates when I see things in MMA that amuse me.  This isn’t a big deal, just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Also, the UFC has finally noticed me!  Unfortunately, this has resulted in my Harold Howard tribute video being removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement.  Seriously?  That loving and stirring tribute to an MMA great really had to be removed from YouTube due to copyright issues?  Whatever.  If anyone knows a place where I can reupload safely, please let me know.

I’ll be posting Bellator results today, updating fight results, and I’ll even post a small example of the kind of little posts I’ll do on a regular basis.  I’m still evolving this site and trying to figure out what I want it to be, but we’re getting closer.  I’ll still be working on the normal stuff like recaps, fight results and previews, and rankings, but it will be nice to put up some fun daily quips.  It’s what I do best!

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