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Bellator 55 Results

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Bantamweight Tournament Semifinals: Alexis Vila d. Marcos Galvao (Split Decision)

This was a very close fight that could have gone either way.  Vila didn’t have a lot of success with his takedown attempts and the fighters spent most of their time exchanging strikes.  I felt like Vila generally got the best of Galvao and the split decision was warranted.  Either way, Vila moves on to the bantamweight tournament finals!

Bantamweight Tournament Semifinals: Eduardo Dantas d. Ed West (Split Decision)

The split decision here?  Not good.  Eduardo Dantas won this fight, period.  He at least won the first two rounds easily while the third could have gone either way.  I’m pleased that Dantas didn’t get jobbed here as he was the clear winner.  Ed West also somehow thought he won, which resulted in him making a comically serious shocked face when the decision was announced.  How pleasing!

Light Heavyweight: Travis Wiuff d. Christian M’Pumbu (Unanimous Decision)

Christian M’Pumbu, I am disappoint.  Wiuff did his best to hold M’Pumbu down in the first two rounds, though the champ did have success during his limited striking displays.  M’Pumbu should have won the fight in the third after staggering Wiuff, but followed his much bigger opponent to the ground in a weak attempt to stop the fight.  A very disappointing loss in a non-title fight.  Wiuff said after the fight that he only won because he’s a big wrestler and he is right.

Lightweight: Ricardo Tirloni d. Steve Gable (Submission – Round 2, 3:54)

Hey, Ricardo Tirloni won!  I was right!  Tirloni looked pretty sharp, even if his opponent was a fairly inexperienced 35 year old dude.  A win’s still a win.  I thought I heard that Tirloni would be fighting Chris Horodecki later this season because of this victory, so whoopie?

Catchweight (210 lbs.): Richard Hale d. Carlos Flores (TKO – Round 1, 0:18)

Lightweight: Efrain Escudero d. Cesar Avila (Submission – Round 1, 1:55)

Middleweight: Jacob Ortiz d. Edgar Garcia (KO – Round 1, 4:06)

Lightweight: Erin Beach d. Roscoe Jackson (Submission – Round 1, 3:52)

Featherweight: Jade Porter d. Nick Piedmont (Unanimous Decision)

Middleweight: Steve Steinbeiss d. Dano Moore (Submission – Round 1, 4:52)

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