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My Least Favorite Fighters

October 28, 2011 2 comments

Okay, so Kyle didn’t ask for this list: my least favorite fighters in MMA.  In certain ways, this list is far more important than my list of favorite fighters.  It’s easy to like good fighters with interesting personalities, but to dislike an individual requires so much more effort.

These are the fighters who I consciously dislike and, in some cases, actually hate.  It’s easier for me to think of fighters I dislike than fighters I really like so perhaps that lends toward me being more of a cynic than anything else.  Besides, it’s more fun to root against a fighter than it is to root for a fighter.

So here are the fighters I’m more happy to root against than any other.

Jason ReinhardtLooks like a serial killer, gave his parents a sexually transmitted disease, is an admitted steroid user, and is an absolutely miserable fighter.  He built up his record by going 20-0 on the independent fight scene in the Midwest against fighters with a combined 60-100 record.  It was no surprise when he absolutely failed during his UFC runs, going 0-3 in two different stints.  I really could end this list here since there’s no fighter I hate more than Jason Reinhardt.  Just a pathetic bully who fights overmatched newcomers to pad his record when he’s nothing more than a below average fighter.

Actually, I think I will end the list right here.  I do dislike other fighters like Josh Koscheck, Frank Mir, and Rashad Evans, but I’m even softening on those guys.  Koscheck is stepping up to take fights on short notice, Mir has admitted that his stuff with Brock was mostly just for show, and Evans has come across a little more likeable during this snafu with Jon Jones.

I hate Jason Reinhardt.  There is nothing he could do to change my mind about that so I’ll keep this list at one.

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My Favorite Fighters

October 28, 2011 3 comments

Per the request of reader Kyle, I’ll be listing my favorite fighters.

Do I really need to say more than that?  Does this post need to be prefaced in any other way?  Here are my favorite fighters.  The five fighters who I like the most in MMA.

George Sotiropoulos – I really love George Sotiropoulos’ style.  I have a real appreciation for grapplers as you may have noticed during my write-ups of Sakuraba’s fights.  Sotiropoulos’ submission skills are fantastic and he put on some really great fights with Joe Lauzon and Joe Stevenson.  He may have lost two straight to Rafael dos Anjos and Dennis Siver, but I still feel like he has a lot of upside at lightweight so long as he can fix his striking and wrestling issues.  Sotiropoulos will likely be in action in early 2012 and I’m anxious to see who he’ll be fighting next.

Brock Lesnar – I’ve been a fan of Lesnar back to his WWE days and I’m still a huge supporter of his.  I really enjoyed all of his “heel” antics during his earlier UFC days since he played the bad guy so well.  He sold a fight like no other fighter and won the UFC Heavyweight Title remarkably early in his career.  He followed that up with wins over Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, cementing his status as a top heavyweight until a loss to Cain Velasquez derailed Brock.  I couldn’t be more pumped for his upcoming battle with Alistair Overeem, which is a really tough fight for Brock to take for his return to the octagon.

Frankie Edgar – I’ve always enjoyed Frankie Edgar’s work and thought he was a very fun and talented fighter.  Then 2011 came around and Edgar became one of my heroes.  In two fights with Gray Maynard, Edgar survived vicious first round assaults to continue fighting.  The first contest ended in a draw, but Edgar’s knockout of Maynard in the second fight was absolutely stunning.  Edgar proved he’s one of the absolute toughest fighters in the entire world and his fights are can’t miss.  He should likely fight the winner of Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson and either opponent would provide a fantastic fight.

Dominick Cruz – Here’s yet another fighter who has completely won me over in the last 12 months.  His longish wait to get into the UFC proved to be worth waiting for.  He went to two five round decisions against Urijah Faber and Demetrious Johnson and successfully defended his UFC Bantamweight Title in both fights.  Cruz has plowed through the top of the bantamweight division and will defend his title next against the winner of Faber vs. Brian Bowles.  I also anticipate Brad Pickett getting a shot sometime fairly soon and I see no way Dominick Cruz loses any of these fights.

Rampage Jackson – Rampage is absolutely hilarious.  A misogynist?  Perhaps.  Politically incorrect?  More than likely.  But he’s still outstandingly funny.  Rampage has done some great things in the UFC, but he truly created his legend during his time in PRIDE.  Rampage was among the most devastating fighters and had legendary battles with Wanderlei Silva, Ricardo Arona, and many more.  His recent loss to Jon Jones may have been disappointing, but it seems like a fight with Shogun Rua in Japan is in the cards.

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