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My Least Favorite Fighters

Okay, so Kyle didn’t ask for this list: my least favorite fighters in MMA.  In certain ways, this list is far more important than my list of favorite fighters.  It’s easy to like good fighters with interesting personalities, but to dislike an individual requires so much more effort.

These are the fighters who I consciously dislike and, in some cases, actually hate.  It’s easier for me to think of fighters I dislike than fighters I really like so perhaps that lends toward me being more of a cynic than anything else.  Besides, it’s more fun to root against a fighter than it is to root for a fighter.

So here are the fighters I’m more happy to root against than any other.

Jason ReinhardtLooks like a serial killer, gave his parents a sexually transmitted disease, is an admitted steroid user, and is an absolutely miserable fighter.  He built up his record by going 20-0 on the independent fight scene in the Midwest against fighters with a combined 60-100 record.  It was no surprise when he absolutely failed during his UFC runs, going 0-3 in two different stints.  I really could end this list here since there’s no fighter I hate more than Jason Reinhardt.  Just a pathetic bully who fights overmatched newcomers to pad his record when he’s nothing more than a below average fighter.

Actually, I think I will end the list right here.  I do dislike other fighters like Josh Koscheck, Frank Mir, and Rashad Evans, but I’m even softening on those guys.  Koscheck is stepping up to take fights on short notice, Mir has admitted that his stuff with Brock was mostly just for show, and Evans has come across a little more likeable during this snafu with Jon Jones.

I hate Jason Reinhardt.  There is nothing he could do to change my mind about that so I’ll keep this list at one.

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  1. Nolan
    October 28, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    Nothing wrong with steroids in my opinion, but giving your parents the crabs and being an absolutely clownshoes fighter is enough to earn some hate.

  2. kyle
    October 28, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    only 1 fighter i really hate…Michael Bisping. i didnt think much of the guy until this season of TUF. dude plays the victim so fucking much. when he was “breaking up” the fight with akira & whats his name he started talking shit to millers coach and when miller pushed him away he acts like he is innocent and miller is crazy. after the fights he encourages his guys into gloating and then during the last episode his what not to do or your an asshole speach. the fuck?

    I think Koscheck like Lesnar plays a character so i dont really hate him. Evans doesnt really seem like the same douche any more. Tito & Sonnen have both won me over recently. so that leaves Bisping. i guess Paul Daley is a pretty huge asshole also.

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