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Bellator 56 Preview

Okay, so tonight should probably be a big deal for Bellator.  We’ll see Ben Askren defend his Welterweight Title and the semifinals of the injury riddled heavyweight tournament will take place.  Unfortunately, I’m worried that this is all leading to a big disappointment for Bellator.

Ben Askren puts on fights that are far less than exciting and I’m not sure that Jay Hieron will be able to stop Askren from making this a 25 minute wrestling contest.  The heavyweight talent in Bellator is also quite lacking and we’re likely going to see four fat boys gas out and put on some very sloppy fights.

Bellator 56 airs live on MTV2 at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST with a replay shown at 1:00 AM EST/12:00 AM EST.  I certainly hope I’m wrong with my predictions about this event and Bellator generally delivers some very fun fights, but we’ll have to see what happens tonight.

Welterweight Title: (c) Ben Askren (8-0, No. 10 WW) vs. Jay Hieron (22-4, No. 15 WW)

This is definitely the biggest challenge in Ben Askren’s young career.  A victory here for the champ will answer a lot of questions about his legitimacy as a top welterweight.  Hieron is in the midst of a ten fight winning streak which includes three successful fights in Bellator’s last welterweight tournament.

I think this fight is going to be pretty tight and I see one of two things happening: Askren is dominant with his wrestling and takes a unanimous decision or Hieron catches Askren and wins by TKO.  Frankly, I just think Askren is such a dominant wrestler that he’ll be able to retain his title in this contest.

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Thiago Santos (9-1) vs. Neil Grove (11-4-1)

So this fight was originally going to be Mike Hayes vs. Blagoi Ivanov.  Hayes was replaced by Santos due to injury and then the already eliminated Grove replaced the injured Ivanov.  The result?  A fight I could care less about!  I think we’ll see Grove take the victory here.

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Eric Prindle (8-1) vs. Ron Sparks (8-0)

Oh look, another fight I don’t care about!  I’m going to go out on a limb and say this fight is going to be a miserable fucking train wreck.  I’m sorry if that sounds negative, but honestly, this is going to be a fat boy collision for the ages.  I’ll take Sparks by TKO, but really, what does it matter?

Middleweight: Rudy Bears (13-9) vs. Marcio Navarro (7-7)

Featherweight: Adam Schindler (9-2) vs. Jeremy Spoon (11-0)

Light Heavyweight: Kelvin Tiller (1-1) vs. Dan Spohn (6-0)

Lightweight: Willian De Souza (1-2) vs. Emanuel Brooks (4-0)

Featherweight: Jeimeson Saudino (1-0) vs. Jacob Akin (0-1)

Bantamweight: Aaron Ely (1-0) vs. Owen Evinger (7-1)

Heavyweight: Daniel Gallemore (0-1) vs. Derrick Ruffin (1-3)

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  1. Nolan
    October 29, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Damn, I love both Sparks and Prindle. They are both behemoths of men and kinder than all hell. I love both of them and I love Grove as well. This is such an overlooked card.

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