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Halloween Costumes with KatGirl!

This will be the first in what I’m hoping will be an extended series of conversations with various members of the MMA community.  I’ve been hoping for a while to collaborate with some of my favorite writers and bloggers on various projects and this is just going to be the start – I expect to have lots of fun guests stop over at Fight Rankings in the near future!

I’m really thrilled that my first conversation was with one of my favorite bloggers from one of my favorite sites!  Gals Guide to MMA is one of the most fun MMA sites out there and is one of many great SBNation offerings.  It’s a must read site for any MMA fan, male or female.  One of the reasons why Gals Guide is so great is because of today’s guest, KatGirl!  I thoroughly enjoy KatGirl’s work on Gal’s Guide and she’s also one of my very favorites on Twitter.

Inspired by her post about the Halloween costumes of MMA fighters, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss some of our favorites.  Halloween is a great time for all, but especially for those in MMA.  You really get to see fighters and fight personalities let their hair down and really enjoy themselves.  When else would you be able to see Don Frye dressed as Magnum P.I. and Bas Rutten dressed as Captain America?  Kat and I discuss the finer points of this year’s ghastly Halloween in MMA!

Keith: My goal with these chat sessions will be to shallowly and vaguely discuss MMA and whatever else and then to copy these conversations onto my blog.

KatGirl: I hope I don’t say anything stupid!

Keith: Ha, don’t worry!  I will send you my draft upon completion for review.  I’m glad to amend anything needed, as I’m not in the business of gotcha fake-journalism.  Just normal fake-journalism

KatGirl: OK!

Keith: So since shallow is the name of the game, which fighter’s Halloween costume was your favorite?

KatGirl: Brian Stann looked really good, I think. But, I enjoyed Leonard Garcia’s pirate costume at the UFC 137 post-fight presser. I wish I had seen a pic of Cerrone in his pirate costume.  And, Jeff Monson’s Halloween posts on his blog were great. The pics of him and his daughter were super cute.  Monson loves Halloween! I love that.

Keith: Agreed – for all the political weirdness we’ve seen from the Snowman, he seems like a good dude.  He also went to Illinois, so he always gets extra points from me.  He seems like the type to enjoy Halloween.  Not to say a big, scary, and tattooed anarchist is necessarily the Halloween type, but if the shoe fits…

KatGirl: Sure – why not?  Monson’s quote on his blog was “Halloween is by far my favorite holiday (4th of July is a close second…lol)”  Miesha Tate also rocked Wonder Woman. It made me want to do a thighs & glutes workout.

Keith: Miesha is a favorite, since I’m a heterosexual male and she is Miesha Tate.  I feel like I’m shirking my responsibilities as an impartial blogger to talk about how attractive some female fighters are, but then I remember I’m not impartial and wonder if her relationship with Brian Caraway is really that stable and if she’s into the dorky blogger type.

KatGirl: LOL. Brian Caraway is kind of adorable, though. I’m sure he knows what a catch Miesha is 🙂

Keith: Yeah, they seem like good people.  It’s only a shame when I’m being delusional – I mostly recognize it’s a good thing when people are happy and when I’m not being unreasonable.

KatGirl: Everyone has those moods sometimes….

Keith: I’d also like to give a special mention to Chuck Liddell for what appears to be an executioner costume?  Mostly just because Chuck Liddell: model father is the greatest thing ever.  I could watch him be a dad 24/7.

KatGirl: He’s totally a family man now. It seems to suit him pretty well, too. He seems happy and stuff.

Keith: I know!  That makes me happy that he’s adjusted fairly well to life after punching and that he has a nice family life.  Dan Henderson seems to have the same thing going, even as an active 40-something fighter.  I remember him Tweeting about chaperoning his daughter’s school dance and thinking that was the best thing ever.

KatGirl: I think he has three kids? He tweeted something a while back about loving being a father. I like to see that stuff, too.

Keith: Agreed.  It’s fun to juxtapose beating people up for a living with being a nurturing parent.

KatGirl: I think it certainly makes the sport a lot more interesting. A lot of people don’t care about the fighters’ personal lives but I’m sort of intrigued.

Keith: It’s always pretty interesting to think about professional fighters in real life when they’re not inflicting harm.

As I noted to Kat after our conversation, I feel bad for not mentioning the wonderful Frankie Edgar as Rocky, though the costume would only be complete with Gray Maynard in blackface as Apollo Creed and Melvin Guillard as Lil’ Clubber Lang.  Still, there were definitely some great efforts this Halloween.

Many thanks to KatGirl for taking some time to chat with me and I’m sure we’ll hear from her again!  Stay tuned for my next conversation with former UFC and PRIDE fighter Emmanuel Yarborough about the finer points of being massive (that’s not happening).

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  1. Nolan
    November 2, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    This is fantastic stuff. Really interesting in terms of concept and I loved it.

  2. November 2, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I love it! Thanks so much for letting me chat 🙂

    • November 2, 2011 at 9:15 pm

      Anytime, Kat! Would love to do it again!

      • November 2, 2011 at 9:21 pm


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