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Twitter with Mike Fagan!!

After a successful debut last week, it’s time for a brand new MMA Conversation!  Most people seemed to like my initial conversation with KatGirl so I have every intention of pushing forward with this series.  This week, I’m absolutely thrilled to have had the chance to chat with the one, the only, “The Immortal” Mike Fagan!

Mike Fagan, born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, was the editor of Bloody Elbow who founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, in 1950. For over 45 years, he ministered to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying, while guiding the Missionaries of Charity’s expansion, first throughout India and then in other countries. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II and given the title Blessed Mike Fagan.

Okay, so I may have confused Mike with Hulk Hogan and Mother Teresa in the previous paragraphs.  Still, this is a guy you need to know.  Most of you had better remember Mike for his time as Editor at Bloody Elbow before his…I guess unceremonious removal from that position at the end of October.  That withstanding, Mike has done awesome work including the very popular “This Week in Quotes” feature, great betting insight, and generally fantastic MMA analysis.

You know how why you should believe these things?  Because I am a Chicago Bears fan and Mike Fagan is a Green Bay Packers fan.  Do you think I would say nice things about a Packers fan if they weren’t true?  Believe me when I say that Mike is too important to ignore.  Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter @mike_fagan_13 for insightful and hilarious 140 character bursts.  Following Mike will ensure that you hear about his plans post-BE, whatever they may be – that alone is worth the follow!

As for our conversation, we did indeed discuss Twitter.  More specifically, we look at some of our followers and discuss the finer points of Emmanuel Yarborough, Ron Sparks, and Taco Bell, perhaps three of the most important entities in all of the world.

Keith: So approximately how many Twitter followers do you have? (I’m not being creepy, this question serves a purpose.)

Mike: 1660ish

Keith: Which of those followers is your favorite? Not your favorite person, because then your answer would be something boring like your Dad. But like…which follower pleases you the most to have.  As in “I like having Twitter because _______ is following me and it’s really strange and awesome.”

Mike: Hm. I don’t know, actually.  I’d have to go through my list and find someone.

Keith: Having 1660 followers, I can imagine that it’s difficult to pick just one. I can imagine Emmanuel Yarborough doesn’t follow you, since that would be the clear top answer if he did.  At least he would be for me. If he followed me, I’d probably send him Tweets a few times a day. Just checking in to see how he’s doing, mostly.

Mike: Haha.  Probably eating most of the time.

Keith: I think he’s rededicating himself to health, from what I’ve seen.  I think he’s dropped some pounds. He also exchanges Tweets with B.D. Wong, his costar from Oz.  The reason I ask this question is for two reasons: one, curiosity, and two, because I just got followed by Ron Sparks.  That’s right, THE Ron Sparks.

Mike: Ron “THE MONSTER” Sparks?

Keith: That’s right, the very one.  And it’s follows like that which make me grateful for Twitter. Weird little stuff that you wouldn’t ever imagine happening in any other circumstance.

Mike: Firas Zahabi follows me.  That’s sort of surprising.

Keith: Okay, that’s pretty cool.

Mike: I’m assuming it’s him.  It isn’t verified, but it doesn’t seem like a fake account.

Keith: It’s always more fun to assume the best, though it could be more fun to assume there’s someone out their pretending to be Firas Zahabi.

Mike: Haha. Yeah.  Tim Credeur follows me.  I think for some crack I made about him a while ago.

Keith: So is that a respect follow from Tim or do you think he’s keeping an eye on you just in case?

Mike: I think he was cool with it.  I forget how I phrased it.  But it wasn’t like an attack on him.

Keith: So then Ariel [Helwani] isn’t following you, I assume.

Mike: He might be, I’m still going through the list.

Keith: Did you guys have any beef before this? I wonder if he knew of the SBN deal back then and finally decided he didn’t give a shit and would sound off at you?

Mike: Uh.  I’ve had more beef with [Mike] Chiappetta.  We had a tussle after Mayweather/Ortiz, which was fabulous.  I think Ariel and I have had another run in or two.  Not sure though.

Keith: Chaipetta added me on Google+, do I need to be careful about that?

Mike: He’s really sensitive about being called out on stuff.  But he’s fine normally.

Keith: I’m totally behind on any potential of these issues. All I know is that I have a blog and I don’t get in anybody’s way. Except Matt [Roth]’s.

Mike: WTF…Taco Bell is following me.

Keith: Ha, really?

Mike: Yeah.

Keith: I think that’s a winner so far.

Mike: Weird.

Keith: Does Gary Goodridge follow you?  I think he returns follows like Dan Hardy.

Mike: Haven’t seen Goodridge yet.

Keith: I’ve often lamented the fact that Chad Griggs isn’t on Twitter. He needs to keep his name out there, he could be quite the popular fellow. (UPDATE: Chad Griggs IS on Twitter!)

Mike: Hah.  Yep, Goodridge is a follow

Keith: That’s good to have. I think Cole Escovedo follows me too. Since I don’t have Fagan-numbers, I relish any name follower I might have.

Mike: Hah.

Keith: I once got a DM from Chael Sonnen, that’s pretty pleasing since he doesn’t follow anyone.

Mike: Yeah, I’ve talked to Chael on the phone before.  He’s nice.  Marika Taylor follows me which is hilarious.

Keith: So far, I think Marika Taylor or Taco Bell are your winners. That’s a pretty fun list.

Mike: Well…she probably follows me because I follow her.  And I wrote about her a couple times on BE.

Keith: I think she’s Chael-crazy, meaning it’s sort of just a work.  And she likely subscribes to the theory that any publicity is good publicity.

Mike: Madison Square Garden account follows me.

Keith: Me too

Mike: Huh.

Keith: Yeah, I wonder about that. They might just be after any decent sports follow they can find.

Mike: Yeah

Keith: I’m probably omitting some from my short list, just because I’m at work and going by memory.

Mike:VegasWhore” follows me.

Keith: Interesting…have you frequented her establishment or is that just happenstance?

Mike: Hah.  Happenstance, I assume.

Hey, being followed by VegasWhore isn’t too bad!  I think a follow back might be necessary to see genius Tweets like, “Where are my whores tonight?” and, “want me to use a strap on for you?”  Poor Irina hasn’t been on Twitter since April 2010, I worry that she may have run into legal problems.  Or maybe she was chopped into pieces and buried in the desert?

So Mike and I share some interesting followers, but ultimately, he has the more interesting array.  I’m not sure what I need to do to get a follow from Taco Bell, but I hope the answer isn’t eat Taco Bell.  I haven’t been on good terms with that place for a while.  I guess that’s what happens when you get old.

Many thanks to Mike for taking the time to chat and I’m sure we’ll hear from him in the future.  Again, Make sure to follow Mike @mike_fagan_13 for his great Tweets and all of the latest on his future endeavors.  Also be sure to follow me @fightrankings, where I’ll likely say something to entertain you.  Unless you’re Michael Bisping.  Then it’s kinda iffy.

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  1. Nolan
    November 9, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Funny stuff. Missing Fagan over on BE and hope to see him get picked up where I can read his genius snark.

  2. November 9, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Nice work! I enjoyed that 🙂

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