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Favorite Tweet Ever

November 10, 2011 1 comment

Fitting that after my discussion about Twitter with Mike Fagan, I’m treated to this Tweet from moments ago.

It’s been years since these two feuded, but it’s very sweet to see this.  I love a good rivalry, but I’m also a sap for two old opponents being pals.  The same goes for Penn and Matt Hughes, who now seem to get along quite famously.  Looking back, it’s amazing the personalities we saw enter into grudges like Tito and Ken Shamrock, Tito and Chuck, Randy and Chuck, B.J. vs. Hughes and Penn, and so many more.  Perhaps that was born out of necessity more than anything else, since the guys at the top generally stayed static in the early and mid-aughts.

But yes, I demand more MMA rivals of today and yesterday Tweet at each other.  Does Kazushi Sakuraba have a Twitter account where he just posts funny pictures and comments about the hundreds of Gracies that seem to be floating around nowadays?


And Jens’ response.  Aww.

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