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Key Fights – Week of November 28

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Okay, so this post is coming up a bit earlier than usual on account of my schedule for this week.  I likely won’t be able to post anything for the rest of November due to travel and various celebrations, so you’re blessed with the key fights today!  However, I’ll still be around on Twitter so be sure to follow me and check out what I’m up to!

As for this week, it’s certainly a different group of fights.  We have a UFC event but only two fights are scheduled at the moment!  We can add the bantamweight and featherweight Ultimate Fighter tournament finals to a card which also features what should be a fun Mayhem vs. Bisping fight.  The remaining undercard will likely include fights with other TUF cast members from this season.

The rest?  Well, meh.  Bellator is done for the year, but we do get a Tachi Palace fights card – one that somehow features no flyweights!  What the fuck!?  Champion Ian McCall was injured and forced to back out of his Flyweight Title defense, while former flyweight Ulysses Gomez is moving up to try for the promotion’s Bantamweight Title.  We’ll also see NCAA wrestling standout Bubba Jenkins make his MMA debut.

We’ll see the week’s only notable women’s fight at XFC when Felice Herrig takes on Carla Esparza, Pancrase has a stacked Impressive Tour 13 event featuring a couple of their own ranked flyweights, and John Alessio takes on Ryan Healy for Canada’s Score Fighting Series.  Check out the upcoming fights tab for more information about this week in MMA and much more!

Tachi Palace Fights 11 (12/2/2011)

  • Bantamweight Title: Ulysses Gomez (8-2, No. 18 FLW) vs. Cody Gibson (5-1)

XFC 15 (12/2/2011)

  • Women’s Featherweight: Carla Esparza (5-2, No. 15 WFW, No. 10 WLW) vs. Felice Herrig (5-3)

Pancrase Impressive Tour 13 (12/3/2011)

  • 125 lbs. Title: Mitsuhisa Sunabe (14-7-4, No. 10 FLW) vs. Hiroyuki Abe (8-3)
  • Flyweight: Hiroyuki Nakajima (6-1-1, No. 19 FLW) vs. Yuki Yasunaga (6-5)

UFC Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale (12/3/2011)

  • Middleweight: Michael Bisping (21-3, No. 6 MW) vs. Jason Miller (24-7, 1 NC)
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Bellator 59 Results

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Heavyweight Tournament Finals: Thiago Santos NC Eric Prindle (Unintentional Illegal Strike)

Santos seemed to capture an early advantage and was able to bring Prindle to the mat.  Santos stood up over his opponent and contemplated his next move as Prindle lay prone on his back.  From there, Thiago Santos decided that the best approach was to kick his opponent.

In the asshole.

You can find all the particulars in the link above, but basically, Santos’ asshole kick ended up knocking Prindle in the balls something fierce.  Prindle was unable to recover from the blow and the fight was ruled a no contest, as Santos’ strike was deemed unintentional.  Perhaps they thought he was aiming for the perineum or posterior of Prindle and just ended up hitting his balls.

The aftermath of this fight is just as ridiculous of the fight itself.  Season five is technically not over despite having no events remaining on Bellator’s 2011 schedule.  This fight will take place early in season six and will conclude season five, so Cole Konrad is currently without a challenger.

Also, Eric Prindle saw fit to take a picture of his sack and post it on Twitter just to let fans know that yes, he does have male parts and he was indeed kicked in said male parts.  You can also find that picture in the link I included above since I can’t in good conscious show you Eric Prindle’s balls.

Bantamweight Tournament Finals: Eduardo Dantas d. Alexis Vila (Unanimous Decision)

This was the only fight of the night that was relatively normal.  Dantas used his length to control Vila in the second and third rounds in a fight that ended up being not as competitive as I would have imagined.  Vila was unable to do pretty much anything and even seemed to tire a bit as the fight went on.  Nonetheless, Eduardo Dantas pulled off what was a big upset in my eyes.

Dantas will now challenge Zach Makovsky and I wonder if that fight will be similar to the one we saw last night.  Dantas will hold a clear size advantage, something Makovsky referenced when he jokingly stood on a foot stool to face off with his next challenger.  Vila and Makovsky are both skilled wrestlers.  Vila is a bit more of a striker while Makovsky has a bit more in his gas tank.  I’m initially thinking Dantas will have the advantage in this title fight, but we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

Lightweight: Patricky Freire d. Kurt Pellegrino (TKO – Round 1, 0:50)

Freire attacked Pellegrino early and seemed to hurt the former UFC lightweight.  Before letting Freire finish the fight, the referee made the ridiculous decision that he had seen enough and called a stop to the action.  While things weren’t looking up for Pellegrino, he was still working to defend himself from Freire’s onslaught.

After the fight, Pellegrino surprised few by retiring once again.  What was surprising was how quickly he embraced Patricky, saying that he’d be working with the Pitbull in the future and that he’d even invite Freire over for a slumber party.  This, just one day removed from a heated stand-off during weigh ins and mere moments after being defeated

Lightweight: Marcin Held d. Phillipe Nover (Split Decision)

Held opened up with some incredible BJJ, working for crazy submissions and almost finishing Nover early in the fight.  Nover settled and seemed to control the later two rounds, while some also made a case for him winning the first round.  In the end, the judges called a bogus split decision in Held’s favor.  Nover was pretty clearly the winner here, spending most of the last ten minutes on top of Held.  But hey, it wouldn’t be Bellator without a bad decision or two from the judges.

Catchweight (175 lbs.): Karl Amoussou d. Jesus Martinez (TKO – Round 1, 2:20)

Welterweight: LeVon Maynard d. Christopher Wing (Unanimous Decision)

Featherweight: Scott Heckman d. Brylan Van Artsdalen (Submission – Round 1, 1:38)

Middleweight: Gregory Milliard d. Brandon Saling (Unanimous Decision)

Catchweight (175 lbs.): Lucas Pimenta d. Doug Gordon (KO – Round 1, 0:40)

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