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UFC 139 Results

November 20, 2011 6 comments

Light Heavyweight: Dan Henderson d. Mauricio Rua (Unanimous Decision)

Okay, so words for this fight.  How do I do this?  I don’t even know where to begin.  Well first, this fight was fucking amazing.  I would have been thrilled with this card even if this fight was just average.  Faber’s awesome performance and the very fun Silva vs. Cung Le fight were great, but then we get to this?

My God, are these two men warriors.  Dan Henderson brutalized Shogun early in the fight and came close to stopping Rua in the third, but Shogun pushed forward and stunned an exhausted Hendo, who somehow managed to survive Shogun’s onslaught in the last two rounds.  This is the first non-title fight in the UFC to extend into the fourth and fifth rounds and Shogun took advantage of that, but it wasn’t quite enough to win.

The decision was almost an afterthought of that great fight, but all three judges somehow scored the contest 48-47 in Dan Henderson’s favor.  The last round was absolutely dominant enough to have been a 10-8 round in Shogun’s favor and I’m surprised we didn’t see that decision on at least one scorecard.

This might be a loss on Shogun’s record, but few will think of it in that context.  People will remember Shogun and Hendo for putting on one of the best fights in MMA history.  This 25 minute war will only help these men in the immediate future, though I certainly worry that the fight took months or years off of the lives of these two fighters.

I have no clue where we go from here just because there are so many fighters at 205 pounds without fights.  Rumors have placed a Rampage Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin fight at the UFC’s second Fox show, so let’s eliminate those two.  We still have Rashad Evans, Phil Davis, and potentially the returning Thiago Silva without fights.  And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rashad waited for his title shot this time around.  After his initial fight with Phil Davis fell through, there isn’t a ton of reason to take another fight when Jon Jones is fighting in a matter of months.

So fuck, I don’t know.  Maybe Henderson vs. Evans could happen, but that would be a big chance for Rashad to take.  Henderson could fight Rampage if that Griffin fight isn’t official, or maybe he could fight Phil Davis?  And Rua could fight just about any of these men himself.  I just…whatever, I only want the UFC to make awesome fights for the Chicago show.  That’s my only worry right now.

Middleweight: Wanderlei Silva d. Cung Le (TKO – Round 2, 4:49)

I did pick against Wanderlei Silva, but I could not have been more happy to see him defeat Cung Le.  Silva had some trouble early and Le was doing a decent job changing up his strikes and landing cleanly.  When the second round came around, we saw a glimpse of the old Wanderlei Silva and it was glorious.  He pounded Cung Le with some brutal knees and punches and, frankly, fucked Cung Le up.  The stoppage may have been a bit premature, but Le was just about done and the stoppage saved unnecessary pain for the Strikeforce star.

I’m not sure that we’ll see Cung Le in the UFC again after that fight.  As for Wandy, I’m having trouble thinking of a good opponent for him.  I would suggest Jorge Santiago if he was still in the UFC.  Maybe the loser of Jason Miller vs. Michael Bisping?  Chris Weidman is another possibility, though I worry for Wandy if that fight takes place.

Bantamweight: Urijah Faber d. Brian Bowles (Submission – Round 2, 1:27)

First, Urijah Faber punched Brian Bowles very hard.  Then Urijah Faber choked Brian Bowles out.  Then the fight was over!  Faber looked extremely impressive in this victory and will now get a second title shot against Dominick Cruz.  I’m anxious to see how Faber approaches a fight with Cruz this time around, but I don’t see any reason why Cruz won’t win that fight again.

Welterweight: Martin Kampmann d. Rick Story (Split Decision)

Martin Kampmann put on his typical strong performance and came back from two controversial losses to take a big win over Rick Story.  Story was having some success early, but Kampmann was getting the easy takedowns and holding Story down with little issue.  From what I understand, the scores were read incorrectly and that Kampmann actually won via unanimous decision.

Light Heavyweight: Stephan Bonnar d. Kyle Kingsbury (Unanimous Decision)

Ugh, Stephan Bonnar.  He’s very lucky that the referee for this fight wasn’t aware he could restart the action.  Bonnar spent most of this fight on top of Kingsbury, doing nothing except advance position without doing much by way of harm.  After the fight, Bonnar mumbled about Josh Koscheck and T-shirts, I don’t know.  I kind of tuned out.

Light Heavyweight: Ryan Bader d. Jason Brilz (KO – Round 1, 1:17)

Bantamweight: Michael McDonald d. Alex Soto (KO – Round 1, 0:56)

Middleweight: Chris Weidman d. Tom Lawlor (Submission – Round 1, 2:07)

Lightweight: Gleison Tibau d. Rafael dos Anjos (Split Decision)

Catchweight (141 lbs.): Miguel Torres d. Nick Pace (Unanimous Decision)

Welterweight: Seth Baczynski d. Matt Brown (Submission – Round 2, 0:42)

Catchweight (158 lbs.): Danny Castillo d. Shamar Bailey (TKO – Round 1, 4:52)

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Bellator 58 Results

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Lightweight Title: Michael Chandler d. (c) Eddie Alvarez (Submission – Round 4, 3:06)

At the end of this fight, I was confident that we had seen the fight of the year.  Granted, that feeling only lasted a few hours, but this was still an absolutely spectacular fight.

I was wonderfully surprised by Michael Chandler, who came out firing right out of the gates.  He was nearly able to finish Alvarez in the very first round, but the champ survived and started to take control as the fight went on.  By the time the third round came, I was convinced that Chandler had completely run out of steam.

Then the fourth round came and Chandler turned it up once again, assaulting and downing Alvarez who quickly gave up his back.  Chandler sunk in the rear naked choke and pulled off the surprising victory to become Bellator’s new Lightweight Champion.

This was an absolutely outstanding fight and Michael Chandler proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with at lightweight.  Beating Eddie Alvarez is a fantastic first step for this young champion, but he’ll have to keep this up against the rest of fighters that Bellator has to offer.  Kurt Pellegrino looks like an eventual challenger, but that’s looking pretty far down the line.

Catchweight (195 lbs.): Hector Lombard d. Trevor Prangley (TKO – Round 2, 1:06)

No real surprise in this one.  Prangley stood in the center of the cage and allowed Hector Lombard to beat the crap out of him for nearly ten minutes.  Lombard will move on to battle Alexander Shlemenko once again, while I’m sure Shark Fights would love to welcome Prangley back to the fold.

Featherweight: Marlon Sandro d. Rafael Dias (Submission – Round 1, 3:56)

Sandro looked to be in trouble early as Dias rocked him with some big punches.  Sandro recovered and managed to submit Dias with an arm triangle choke.  Dias’ defense of the submission was pretty embarrassing since Sandro was able to apply the hold from a standing position and then easily brought it to the mat.

Women’s Featherweight: Jessica Aguilar d. Lisa Ellis-Ward (Unanimous Decision)

Aguilar and Ellis-Ward beat the hell out of each other last night, but it was Aguilar who was clearly in control.  These two put on a pretty exciting fight and Aguilar called out Megumi Fujii, who she said was the number one fighter at 115 pounds.  Perhaps she was forgetting about Zoila Frausto-Gurgel, Bellator’s current champion of the division, though her claim to the title is slightly tenuous.

Middleweight: Brett Cooper d. Jared Hess (Unanimous Decision)

Middleweight: Herbert Goodman d. Jonas Billstein (Disqualification – Round 2, 3:21)

Welterweight: Valdir Araujo d. Ailton Barbosa (Unanimous Decision)

Bantamweight: Fabio Mello d. Farkhad Sharipov(Unanimous Decision)

Lightweight: Cosmo Alexandre d. Avery McPhatter (KO – Round 1, 0:20)

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UFC 139 Preview

November 19, 2011 2 comments

This card is crazy deep and crazy awesome.  Seriously, UFC 139 is going to be a fucking fantastic event.  Just look at these fights!  The preliminary card is pretty great, we’ll see two interesting fights on Spike TV, and an incredible main card with some title relevant fights and some crazy battles that should leave the fans very happy.

Shogun Rua will fight the returning Dan Henderson in the main event in a very important and what should likely be a very exciting fight.  It’s amazing that these two never fought in PRIDE, but we’ll be seeing it live tonight.  The winner of this contest is at most one fight away from title contention, while timing might dictate that the winner gets an immediate title shot.

Wanderlei Silva and Cung Le will not go to a decision, I just have no clue who will win this contest.  The winner of Urijah Faber vs. Brian Bowles will also be getting a title shot at reigning UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz.  Martin Kampmann vs. Rick Story should be a fun contest between two top welterweights, while Stephan Bonnar faces Kyle Kingsbury in a fight that’s only on the main card because of Bonnar’s name.  Tom Lawlor vs. Chris Weidman is perhaps my favorite fight on the preliminary card, though Gleison Tibau vs. Rafael dos Anjos could be a very good contest.

UFC 139 airs live on pay-per-view tonight at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST with the Spike TV prelims starting at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST.  The Facebook prelims begin at 6:00 PM EST/5:00 PM CST.  As always, you can view my picks for the event over at Tapology!

Light Heavyweight: Mauricio Rua (20-5, No. 4 LHW) vs. Dan Henderson (28-8, No. 6 LHW)

Middleweight: Wanderlei Silva (33-11-1, 1 NC, No. 18 MW) vs. Cung Le (7-1)

Bantamweight: Brian Bowles (9-1, No. 3 BW) vs. Urijah Faber (25-4, No. 5 BW)

Welterweight: Martin Kampmann (17-5, No. 9 WW) vs. Rick Story (13-4, No. 14 WW)

Light Heavyweight: Stephan Bonnar (13-7) vs. Kyle Kingsbury (11-2, 1 NC)

Light Heavyweight: Ryan Bader (12-2, No. 25 LHW) vs. Jason Brilz (18-4-1, No. 20 LHW)

Bantamweight: Michael McDonald (13-1, No. 21 BW) vs. Alex Soto (6-0-1)

Middleweight: Tom Lawlor (7-3, 1 NC, No. 22 MW) vs. Chris Weidman (6-0, No. 25 MW)

Lightweight: Gleison Tibau (23-7, No. 22 LW) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (15-5)

Catchweight (141 lbs.): Miguel Torres (39-4, No. 9 BW) vs. Nick Pace (6-2)

Welterweight: Matt Brown (12-10) vs. Seth Baczynski (14-6)

Catchweight (158 lbs.): Danny Castillo (11-4) vs. Shamar Bailey (12-4)

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Bellator 58 Preview

November 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I am really, really excited for Bellator tonight.  I’d be even more excited if it wasn’t going head to head with a stacked UFC 139 card.  Well, kinda head to head – it’s another early start for Bellator this week, even though that happens to coincide with the Facebook preliminary fights for the UFC.  But still, I think these four fights on TV will be four of the strongest we’ve seen on Bellator.

Eddie Alvarez will defend his Lightweight Title against undefeated Missouri wrestler Michael Chandler.  Mizzou has pumped out some of the stronger MMA competitors from their wrestling program and Chandler seems to follow in that line of fantastic fighters.  Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard will also be in non-title action taking on veteran fighter Trevor Prangley.

Marlon Sandro will make his return to Bellator following his tournament finals loss to Pat Curran.  He’ll be taking on former WEC and IFL competitor Rafael Dias, while we’ll see a top notch women’s match at 115 pounds.  Jessica Aguilar will look to avenge her very first loss against Lisa Ellis-Ward, who hasn’t fought in 14 months.

Bellator 58 airs live on MTV2 from 7:00 PM EST/6:00 PM CST with a replay shown at 11:00 PM EST/10:00 PM CST.  The preliminary fights will air at 5:00 PM EST/4:00 PM CST.  I would try to catch as much of Bellator tonight as possible so long as it doesn’t interfere with your UFC viewing.  This should be a stellar event tonight.

Lightweight Title: (c) Eddie Alvarez (22-2, No. 5 LW) vs. Michael Chandler (8-0)

The questions about this fight have nothing to do with Eddie Alvarez, who has undoubtedly established himself as one of the top two lightweights not in the Zuffa family (along with Shinya Aoki).  With his wins over fighters like the once highly regarded Roger Huerta, top ranked featherweight Pat Curran, and Tatsuya Kawajiri, Alvarez is absolutely a fantastic talent.

Rather, we need to be asking how good is Michael Chandler.  The difference in this fight is going to be finding out how talented Chandler really is in his very young career.  Is this too big of a jump for Chandler just more than two years into his fighting career or is the wrestler ready for the challenge of the Bellator Champion?

I think we can safely say that Chandler is a better wrestler than Alvarez, who is certainly no slouch himself, but Chandler has never seen a fighter who can strike like Eddie Alvarez can.  Chandler has no choice but to utilize his wrestling to try and control this fight and take a decision.  Can he do that for 25 minutes?  Would he be able to avoid Alvarez’s fantastic boxing?  Would he even be able to take the champ down?

Frankly, I haven’t seen enough from Michael Chandler at this point to prove he can do that.  He’s certainly a good fighter with a ton of potential, but I don’t know that he has it in him to be a world champion at this point.  Eddie Alvarez will win and he will score the TKO victory in the middle rounds of this contest.

Catchweight (195 lbs.): Hector Lombard (21-3, No. 6 MW) vs. Trevor Prangley (23-8-1)

Trevor Prangley is a veteran fighter and has made a big name for himself with big wins in Strikeforce and the UFC.  He’s a solid wrestler with good submission skills and has defeated fighters like Matt Horwich, Chael Sonnen, Travis Lutter, and Keith Jardine.  Even with the right odds, I might be willing to put some money down on Trevor Prangley.  At +600, you could stand to make some money if Prangley were to score the upset victory.

But that would be a serious, serious, upset over Hector Lombard.  To give you an idea of how long Lombard’s winning streak is, his only two losses came during his time with PRIDE, a promotion that hasn’t been active in nearly five years.  He definitely hasn’t fought the toughest fighters and Trevor Prangley fits the mold of talented but unimpressive fighters that Prangley is known to handle.  Lombard will probably knock Prangley out in this one before defending his title once more against Alexander Shlemenko.

Featherweight: Marlon Sandro (19-3, No. 10 FEW) vs. Rafael Dias (15-8-2)

Marlon Sandro’s loss to Pat Curran may have been disappointing, but Rafael Dias has had a real tough go of it for a couple of years.  He had a rough run going 1-3 in the WEC and has only started to bounce back in the last couple of months.  Dias has won twice in 2011, though his two wins are over fighters (Chris Ensley and Jay Ellis) with a combined 16-59 record.  That doesn’t mean very much when you’re fighting a guy like Marlon Sandro.

Sandro didn’t look extremely impressive in Bellator prior to his loss to Pat Curran, taking a couple of uninspired decision victories.  Given the criticism we’ve seen of Japanese MMA, you can’t help but wonder if Sandro is a top caliber fighter as we may have expected.  I don’t think we’ll see a drop off against Rafael Dias, but we might see some issues for Sandro in a future featherweight tournament.  Look for Sandro to take a decision tonight.

Women’s Featherweight: Jessica Aguilar (11-4, No. 7 WFW) vs. Lisa Ellis-Ward (14-6)

For this post, I’ll go ahead and copy the entry I wrote over on Gals Guide to MMA.  Every week, I’ll be writing a post exclusively in the fan post section of Gals Guide detailing the top women’s MMA fights for the week with analysis and predictions.  With that in mind, here’s what I wrote earlier in the week.

This is a fight of the week candidate right here.  Jessica “Jag” Aguilar and Lisa Ellis-Ward are two of the top 115 pound fighters in MMA.  Aguilar was a 2010 Bellator tournament semifinalist before losing to eventual tournament winner and Bellator 115 pound Champion Zoila Frausto-Gurgel.  Though just a BJJ purple belt, her submission game is outstanding and she’s proved that against stiff competition like Elsie Henri and Valerie Coolbaugh.  Her win over Carla Esparza earlier this year was probably the biggest in her career.

Ellis-Ward was easily a top five fighter before dropping out of the rankings earlier this year due to inactivity.  She has wins over some of the top talent in WMMA including Aisling “Bash” Daly and (GASP) Jessica Aguilar!  That’s right, these two met in 2006 with Ellis-Ward taking the submission victory.  Ellis-Ward also has two losses to Megumi Fujii, who has long been one of the best female fighters in the world.

Given Ellis-Ward’s inactivity and Aguilar’s recent success, I like Jag to avenge her loss in this contest.  Aguilar could be a top contender for Bellator’s 115 pound title, and frankly, I’d love to see a 2012 women’s tournament for the promotion.  Zoila Frausto-Gurgel needs to get to work defending her title and with talent like Aguilar, Fujii, and Ellis-Ward out there, I could definitely see this happening.

Middleweight: Brett Cooper (15-7) vs. Jared Hess (11-3-1)

Middleweight: Jonas Billstein (9-1) vs. Herbert Goodman (18-11)

Welterweight: Ailton Barbosa (10-2) vs. Valdir Araujo (8-3)

Bantamweight: Farkhad Sharipov (13-4) vs. Fabio Mello (8-6)

Lightweight: Cosmo Alexandre (0-1) vs. Avery McPhatter (2-2)

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Key Fights – Week of November 14

November 14, 2011 3 comments

Look, I’m just going to level with you all; there are a lot of fights this week.  We’re talking dozens, probably even hundreds of fights.  UFC?  Yep.  Strikeforce?  Got it.  Bellator?  Sure.  Strikeforce Challengers notably features an exciting fight between 145 pounders Ronda Rousey and Julia Budd.  Bellator is stacked this week with a Lightweight Title defense by Eddie Alvarez, a superfight featuring Hector Lombard, and ranked fighters Marlon Sandro and Jessica Aguilar in action.  And the UFC is back after an exciting debut on Fox, this time with an interesting card headlined by Shogun Rua and Dan Henderson.

But there’s more!  Ring of Combat has a card featuring Pete Sell and Deividas Taurosevicius, Masanori Kanehara returns to action on the west coast in his first fight since joining Greg Jackson’s camp, and top women’s fighters Yana Kunitskaya, Jasminka Cive, and Chelsea Colarelli are all in action.  Special mention goes to Turkish kickboxer Hatice Ozyurt who will be making her MMA debut this weekend at age 24.

Oh, and Fedor!  How on earth could I forget about Fedor!?  Maybe because he’ll be fighting Jeff Monson very early in the morning on pay-per-view?  I think that’s it.  Nonetheless, I will be living up to my reputation as the hardest-working, least serious man in MMA pseudo-journalism and I will be live tweeting this epic contest first thing Sunday morning.  Maybe I’ll get some donuts, maybe some juice, maybe I’ll sleep through the whole fucking thing and forget I ever made this proclamation.  Who knows!?  I certainly don’t.

Check out the upcoming fights tab, which includes more details on the rest of November and upcoming fights all the way into February 2012!  The latest UFC announcements are listed, including the battle in Japan between Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson along with Yoshihiro Akiyama and Jake Shields.  We have many months of great MMA ahead of us, be grateful monkeys.

Strikeforce Challengers 20 (11/18/2011)

  • Women’s Middleweight: Ronda Rousey (3-0, No. 10 WMW) vs. Julia Budd (2-1, No. 14 WMW)

Bellator 58 (11/19/2011)

  • Lightweight Title: (c) Eddie Alvarez (22-2, No. 5 LW) vs. Michael Chandler (8-0)
  • Catchweight (195 lbs.): Hector Lombard (21-3, No. 6 MW) vs. Trevor Prangley (23-8-1)
  • Featherweight: Marlon Sandro (19-3, No. 10 FEW) vs. Rafael Dias (15-8-2)
  • Women’s Featherweight: Jessica Aguilar (11-4, No. 7 WFW) vs. Lisa Ellis-Ward (14-6)

Bushido – Hero’s World GP Lithuania (11/19/2011)

  • Women’s Middleweight: Yana Kunitskaya (4-1, No. 7 WMW) vs. Arune Lauzeckaite (0-0)

UFC 139 (11/19/2011)

  • Light Heavyweight: Mauricio Rua (20-5, No. 4 LHW) vs. Dan Henderson (28-8, No. 6 LHW)
  • Middleweight: Wanderlei Silva (33-11-1, 1 NC, No. 18 MW) vs. Cung Le (7-1)
  • Bantamweight: Brian Bowles (9-1, No. 3 BW) vs. Urijah Faber (25-4, No. 5 BW)
  • Welterweight: Martin Kampmann (17-5, No. 9 WW) vs. Rick Story (13-4, No. 14 WW)
  • Light Heavyweight: Ryan Bader (12-2, No. 25 LHW) vs. Jason Brilz (18-4-1, No. 20 LHW)
  • Bantamweight: Michael McDonald (13-1, No. 21 BW) vs. Alex Soto (6-0-1)
  • Middleweight: Tom Lawlor (7-3, 1 NC, No. 22 MW) vs. Chris Weidman (6-0, No. 25 MW)
  • Lightweight: Gleison Tibau (23-7, No. 22 LW) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (15-5)
  • Bantamweight: Miguel Torres (39-4, No. 9 BW) vs. Nick Pace (6-2)

M-1 Global – Fedor vs. Monson (11/20/2011)

  • Heavyweight: Fedor Emelianenko (31-4, 1 NC, No. 8 HW) vs. Jeff Monson (42-12, No. 24 HW)
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UFC on Fox – Velasquez vs. dos Santos Results

November 13, 2011 2 comments

Before I begin this write-up, a special shout out to Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan who did their best to embarrass the UFC last night with their utter lack of preparation.  This is especially true of Mike Goldberg, who struggled with fighters’ names (especially Darren Uyenoyama) and was even more clueless than usual.  Joe was put in the unenviable position of having to overcompensate for his bumbling partner and wasn’t on top of things either, though with how hard he had to work, I can’t blame him.

I know he’s been around forever, but seriously, it’s time Mike Goldberg is gone from the UFC.  I’m not saying we have to cause him any harm or set him ablaze, as much as I might like that personally, but he’s an incompetent boob who hasn’t improved in more than 15 years of working with the UFC.  There are much better options out there and it’s high time the UFC starts looking for a more suitable replacement.

Heavyweight Title: Junior dos Santos d. (c) Cain Velasquez (KO – Round 1, 1:04)

So we have a new UFC Heavyweight Champion – that’s exciting, right?  In just more than a minute, Junior dos Santos punched Cain Velasquez very hard and became the very first undisputed Heavyweight Champion from Brazil.  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira held the Interim Heavyweight Title for a time, but it’s certainly not the same.  Junior dos Santos has made history and did so on the biggest stage the UFC has ever seen.

JDS will now fight the winner of December’s absolutely epic clash between Alistair Overeem and Brock Lesnar, while Velasquez could possibly fight the loser of that contest.  A fight with Shane Carwin or the winner of Nogueira vs. Frank Mir would also be appropriate, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Lightweight: Ben Henderson d. Clay Guida (Unanimous Decision)

Boy, who would have guessed that this fight would be good?  Oh, you mean everyone did?  Yeah, it was fantastic and was potentially the fight of the year.  I thought Henderson clearly won the fight and fought a little safer than we normally see, but Guida was his typical frenetic ball of energy, pushing forward and trying to stay constantly active.  Henderson fought a good fight, landed some big strikes, and controlled Guida for the majority of the bout.

Henderson now gets a Lightweight Title shot against Frankie Edgar in Japan in what could be a very exciting fight.  Guida has some interesting options out there, including Gray Maynard, Joe Lauzon, or potentially the winner of Cerrone vs. Diaz depending on how long he wants to wait for a fight.

Featherweight: Dustin Poirier d. Pablo Garza (Submission – Round 2, 1:32)

Poirier looked pretty good and ended up winning with a sweet D’arce choke.  Yep.

Bantamweight: Darren Uyenoyama d. Norifumi Yamamoto (Unanimous Decision)

Look, I know that a lot of people love Kid Yamamoto.  For many years, he was one of the top featherweight fighters in Japan and beat most of the top fighters in K-1, Shooto, and Hero’s.  He had stellar power and was extremely fan friendly, so I understand if you’ll be mad at me for saying this…

Kid Yamamoto sucks.  He is not a good fighter anymore.  He’s not a top 25 bantamweight and he’s not even a top 50 bantamweight.  He hasn’t defeated a relevant fighter since December 2007 and is now 0-2 in the UFC.  I don’t know if Yamamoto’s game has been impacted by personal issues or injuries, but this is not the same fighter having gone 1-4 since his return to MMA in 2009.

This isn’t to take anything away from Darren Uyenoyama, who showed off some fantastic grappling and looked pretty great last night.  He came close to submitting Kid and was in control for the duration of this bout

Featherweight: Ricardo Lamas d. Cub Swanson (Submission – Round 2, 2:16)

Swanson was in control for most of his UFC debut and looked pretty impressive, but he ended up getting caught by Ricardo Lamas in an arm triangle choke.  Certainly a disappointing debut for Cub, while Lamas is now 2-0 in the UFC and 6-2 if you include his WEC stint.  Lamas could see a step up in competition based on this win.

Featherweight: Robert Peralta d. Mackens Semerzier (TKO – Round 3, 1:54)

First, this was one fight where Joe and Mike didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about.  They were talking about Robert Peralta like he’s some unproven prospect, when in actuality, this guy came into the fight on an eight fight winning streak which includes a win over Hiroyuki Takaya, a clear top 25 featherweight.  And you’re talking about a bum like Mackens Semerzier as if he’s a step up in competition?  Give me a fucking break.

This fight ended up being quite entertaining with Peralta largely getting the better of Semerzier.  An exchange in the third round led to a TKO victory for Peralta, but replays showed that Peralta was successful on the strength of an accidental headbutt!  How appropriate that on the eve of their first Fox card, a fighter wins with a technique mastered by Mark Coleman in the mid-1990s.  I don’t know if this win would possibly be overturned, so I’m anxious to see if anything happens there.  Still, Peralta looked good and needs to see some increased competition.  Tyson Griffin could be a good opponent.

Middleweight: Mike Pierce d. Paul Bradley (Split Decision)

Light Heavyweight: Aaron Rosa d. Matt Lucas (Majority Decision)

Bantamweight: Alex Caceres d. Cole Escovedo (Unanimous Decision)

Welterweight: DaMarques Johnson d. Clay Harvison (TKO – Round 1, 1:34)

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Bellator 57 Results

November 13, 2011 1 comment

Welterweight Tournament Finals: Douglas Lima d. Ben Saunders (TKO – Round 2, 1:21)

Lima rocked Saunders early with some heavy punches and has earned himself a shot at Ben Askren’s Welterweight Title.  I feel pretty indifferent about this since I feel like Askren would handle either Lima or Saunders.  I’m unexcited by Bellator’s title scene since, in most cases, the best fighters hold the titles (except probably at featherweight and bantamweight).

Middleweight Tournament Finals: Alexander Shlemenko d. Vitor Vianna (Unanimous Decision)

I was disappointed in Vitor Vianna’s performance, as he was not at all aggressive and basically allowed Shlemenko to take this fight.  Neither fighter looked particularly impressive and a Shlemenko win isn’t that surprising, nor will it be surprising when Hector Lombard inevitably beats Shlemenko for a second time.

Light Heavyweight: Roger Hollett d. John Hawk (Split Decision)

This fight was boring.  Roger Hollett won.  Meh.

Lightweight: Alexandre Bezerra d. Doug Evans (Submission – Round 1, 4:04)

This ended up being a fun one and there was some back and forth in the four minutes that this fight lasted.  Bezerra ended up pulling off a nasty heel hook to take an impressive win, his fourth in Bellator.

Lightweight: Chris Horodecki draws Mike Corey

Lightweight: Dave Jansen d. Ashkar Morvari (Submission – Round 2, 2:47)

Lightweight: Josh Shockley d. Eric Moon (Submission – Round 1, 0:35)

Light Heavyweight: Matt Van Buren d. Shawn Levesque (Submission – Round 1, 4:38)

Bantamweight: Denis Puric d. Chuck Mady (TKO – Round 2, 5:00)

Lightweight: Taylor Solomon d. Mike Sledzion (KO – Round 1, 1:10)

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