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Today in Japanese MMA – June 2, 2011

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DREAM’s Fight for Japan event was more than just a night of fights – it was also a fundraiser for those impacted by the recent Japanese earthquake and the subsequent fallout from that.  I’ll leave it to the official DREAM website to describe some of the fundraising efforts from the DREAM event.  And for those interested in providing their own contribution to the people of Japan, the World Food Programme seems likes a great place to start.

2011 June 1st

‘DREAM JAPAN GP -2011 bantamweight class Japanese tournament -‘ FIGHT FOR JAPAN [chiyariteiokushiyon] result report

On May 29th occasion FIGHT FOR JAPAN ‘DREAM JAPAN GP which is held in the cartridge super arena -2011 the bantamweight class Japanese tournament -‘. Many fans participated in FIGHT FOR JAPAN [chiyariteiokushiyon] which was done before the opening place.

As for FIGHT FOR JAPAN [chiyariteiokushiyon] which was done ‘DREAM JAPAN GP -2011 the bantamweight class Japanese tournament -‘ as the event outside the place, pine of the shrine of the entertainer, Saeki complex DREAM public information served chairmanship, participated Tatuya Tatuya, Sakurai “Mach” fast person Kawajiri and Mizuno, Kazuyoshi Miyata as a guest. As for being exhibited to auction, “for contributing” the many sign entering goods which the DREAM fighters offer. The sign entering glove which also Mach of the guest uses with practice, Miyata offered Jersey which has been worn at the time of 2000 Sydney Olympics, was bid successfully together with high price. As for first high price being attached with the sign entering glove which is used with 4.9 strike fourth of Kawajiri Tatuya offer, as for successful bid amount as many as 105,000 Yen! The amount which is bid successfully in the latest auction which becomes the large rising was 246,000 Yen in total. Below, directing to the player who offers the fan, and the goods which participate in auction, comment of the Sasahara Keiichi DREAM event producer.

“Successful bid gold 246,000 Yen in the latest auction raises money via all United Nations habitats. Everyone of everyone of the fan which cooperates and the player, thank you”, Keiichi Sasahara DREAM event producer

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Today in Japanese MMA – February 23, 2011

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The Jewels Twelfth Ring event will feature some of the best female fighters in the world including a great 125 lbs. fight between Lisa Ward and Ayaka Hamasaki.  The Jewels website features an article about this upcoming event, which will be on March 11.

[jiyuerusu] 2011 first feature entertainment ‘woman comprehensive case competition [jiyuerusu] 12th RING’ March 11th (the gold) we inform about the additional announcement opposition card of the Shinjuku FACE conference.

The opponent of the first JEWELS light/write class queen Hamazaki red adding player who has announced the participation with main decided in the top-rank foreign player and the [risa] word player!

The [risa] player was held in 2006 September ‘with SMACKGIRL’ first visit to Japan, from the MIKU player one to do to win with the arm lock, when the Japanese debut game of impact is decorated, after that the opposition opportunity of the Japanese player it is many physique, 瀧 has supplied victory even from this Misaki player and the Yoshida Masako player and the blessing player under the 藪.

In addition, it participates long with one line of the world with the title acquisition result such as FFF flyweight champion and class victory under 2007.2008 [warudoguratsupuringugemuzu] woman 48kg.

It advances to semifinal even in the woman 115 pound class tournament which last year is held with Bellator, with that semifinal past one time has been defeated although (2007 August BodogFight) the Fujii 惠 player re-game it does in approximately 3 year inclination and the one being defeated is 喫, the fact that even presently it is the one of the worldwide top players with woman lightweight class is proven.

This time that it is expected whether with opposition with the Hamazaki player who is the favorite disciple of the Fujii player, from it does not mean that shout has entered more!

For the Hamazaki player, you become the harsh opponent, worldwide top-level in the first game after the title acquiring, but if victory it does in this tournament, it is an important battle which inevitably carries out the association of worldwide top class!

In addition, for overseas studying abroad, now the conference is done Sugiyama who becomes for a while to leave from the ring lastly and the opponent of the player popularity is high with the tournament carrying which is strong, it decided in the super Benkei player whether the [zu]. By all means, please bake the brave figure of the Sugiyama player who becomes one pause to the eye of everyone.

The [esui] player who from that Sugiyama player has supplied the TKO victory in the previous December conference continual participation. It crashes with the Daniel waist player and special rule of England which becomes first visit to Japan! A battle of the force by the large-sized player is expected!

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Today in Japanese MMA – February 8, 2011

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Today’s Japanese MMA update comes to us from World Victory Road, the parent company of Sengoku!

Tanaka Akira benevolence shows the portion of the large vessel, white star debut!

2011 February 6th (day) placing in the 4th tournament lightheavyweight game of the [pankurasu] [deihua] daybreak conference, the Tanaka Akira benevolence player of the SRC rearing player supplied beautiful victory in the professional debut game.

The Tanaka player who has the bright result, student wrestling 6 crown, and the wrestling emperor cup all the Japanese championship freestyle 120kg class 7 consecutive championship victories from the August last year belonged to the SRC headquarters school, stacked training with the Takahashi justice raw player and two human tripods which are first heavyweight king of [pankurashisuto] with the head coach.

It was the Tanaka player who ring in is done in the countenance which becomes tense somewhat, but while stuffing distance well, vis-a-vis the Fukuda male flat player ([hidezukitsuku]) who has established reputation in shock, instantly [teikudaun]. Keeping, it attacked the position above with intense neck lock and destructive power preeminent pound and raised. The back taking even with 2nd round, you aimed for one with the sleeper from punch, cornered to the place of the rear one step but time rise. Regrettably one although you could not take, decorated beautiful debut game with the white star.

With interview after the playing, “this time it was debut, but because by your the varieties and topic you were recognized with the present tournament, becoming stronger up to the following tournament, in order one to take, we would like to persevere,” that the Tanaka player be sure to show regret to commenting, not being able to take one. It probably is because in the future it will become the ace of the Japanese weight class, to get over every obstacle from this, to keep climbing the one step one step stairway. Please expect to the further evolution of the Tanaka Akira benevolence player as a next MMA fighter!

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Today in Japanese MMA – January 27, 2011

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Here’s an update on Deep – 52 Impact straight from the pages of Deep online*!

Perusal number of cases 747 Bantamweight class strongest now day open sea departure and draw is DEEP lightheavyweight ace Nakanishi to whom Nakamura challenges well line Takashi Sakurai multi and crash after a long time woman game, Saori Ishioka confronts with first participation and ham [sohi] in forming! * Nakanishi of the DEEP lightheavyweight present ace who is expected Takashi Sakurai multi (R-BOOD) as the VS Nakanishi well line (TeamM.A.D) numbers few large-sized fighter to turn to middleweight, original DEEP middleweight ace Sakurai Takashi multi suddenly crashes. * Now forming Masakazu (Team-ROKEN) VS Nakamura ” Iron ” The Hiroshi loyal retainer (Tokyo [ieromanzu]) with bantamweight class the enemy is not now of state ordeal, Nakamura which was divided into also day open sea departure opposes to forming with non title * Saori Ishioka (zen buddhism road meeting) VS ham [sohi] (CMA KOREA) in main game of DEEP woman game of Hisashi inclination, ace Ishioka of [jiyuerusu], ham [sohi] and confrontation of Korea”

*With the help of Babelfish

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Today in Japanese MMA – January 19, 2011

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Today’s MMA news from Japan is brought to you by Sengoku!

“2011 February 6th, in the PANCRASE 2011 IMPRESSIVE TOUR [deihua] daybreak conference, the Tanaka Akira benevolence player of the SRC rearing player decided the professional debutting.”

“The Tanaka player who achieves the 2001~2007 year wrestling emperor cup all the Japanese championship freestyle 120kg class 7 consecutive championship victories, and the student wrestling 6 crown passes to the SRC professional rearing player selection meeting which was done in the June last year. The SRC headquarters school which is opened late from July (Tokyo & Ikebukuro) with the coach of the wrestling was served, MMA with the head coach of the school stacked training with the Takahashi justice raw player and two human tripods of first heavyweight king of [pankurashisuto].  As for the opponent of professional first game, the Fukuda male flat player who with the June last year flat tire lath in the [jieison] “mutant” [shimatsuku] player decorates professional debut with 1 round 1 these victories. [oruraunda] which participates even in the conference of standing skill in the partner, the Tanaka player of the wrestling elite shows some kind of fight in lightheavyweight whether!?  With preeminent potential, in the future shouldering the heavyweight of the Japanese comprehensive case competition boundary, the man who stands, finally appearance to the ring of MMA! Please observe to the brave figure of the Tanaka player who grew as a comprehensive grapple house.”

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