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MMAHQ – The Daily MMA Deal

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Have you ever visited Woot and said to yourself “this site is great, but why don’t they sell MMA gear?”  I know I have.  I have enough fancy knives, refurbished HDTVs, and surveillance equipment to last me a lifetime, give me something different!  More specifically, give me something that will make me better prepared to punch other people in the head.

Thankfully, MMAHQ has got you covered!  At MMAHQ, you get one awesome deal every day for the best in MMA apparel and training equipment.  All of the items for sale are high quality and dirt cheap, what more could you want?  The shipping is also very fast and is always just $5.  It took only three business days for me to receive my items via standard mail through the United States Postal Service and I was thrilled with that.  Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Today’s deal is the Fight Doctor fang mouth guard for just $21!  Okay, so for just more than twenty bucks you can look like some kind of bad ass MMA vampire with a sweet fanged mouth guard?  I don’t even fight and I want to get one of these for myself.  Consider that this mouth guard sells for 50% more on other sites and that’s even before any crazy shipping costs.  How can you turn down a deal like that?

I can definitely vouch for these guys and the quality of their goods.  I’m the proud owner of a Wanderlei Silva shirt and a Dan Henderson shirt from the website and they both fit comfortably and are very durable.  When I wear my Dan Henderson shirt, it feels like I love America even more!  My Wanderlei shirt is comfortable, but it makes me feel like falling to the floor in an unconscious heap after about 30 seconds (just kidding, love you Wandy!!)

Be sure to check MMAHQ on a daily basis to see what kind of awesome deal they have for the day.  You can also see the deals on their Twitter page, as well as deals at their sister site BJJHQ.  I can’t recommend enough that you take advantage of their awesome deals before you miss out!  Once an item is gone for the day, you never know when it will be back so act fast!

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